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The Sixth Sense(1999)

No description

Joiada Lartey

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of The Sixth Sense(1999)

My response to the opening sequence of ...
Setting & Location
There are many clues that tell you that this is a thriller movie.The film is firstly set in a very big house, with plenty empty space. The house has a very mysterious and ancient look to it, for the people that live inside, two young people.The scenery has very dark lighting and the shadows give off a very spooky feel.
There is a very interesting introduction of storyline. A woman is alone in a big wine cellar with lots of empty space. She seem to be very uneasy and tends to be looking around frantically as if she is waiting for something to jump out at her.You know this is a thriller, because when viewers begin to her airy music, is when the woman starts to get a cold feeling, which may represent the presence of another person, maybe a ghost or a spirit hiding behind one of the wine shelves.
The camera angles play a big part in this film. Right after the woman comes from the cellar, there is a long focus on the staircase, as if something is about to happen then the angle of the camera changes and it makes it seem as if there is a person watching the couples every move. When something major is about to happen, you see that the camera starts to get very unstable/shaky which happened quite a few times during the open sequence of the film. There is a quick change to what the camera is focusing on, meaning that anything can happen at any time
Use of sound
I know the film is a thriller because of the use of sound. The sound in the background of the film gave of a very spooky feel, as if you were in a haunted house. The sounds put pictures in my mind about scary scenarios that may take place in the film. The sounds leave you at a cliffhanger on whats going to happen next and got me thinking, of the action scenes that were about to happen. In this film there were quite a lot of times where there was a slow build up of the sound, which in thriller movies, leads up to a shocking scene.
I definitely know this film is a thriller, because of the final scene in the opening sequence. This is full of action, emotion and there is a strong sense of unease towards what is about to unfold. In the bedroom the couple notice on the floor is shattered glass from the window which had been smashed. The atmosphere instantly switches from happy to confused and a strong sense of anxiety between the two people. Towards the end of the opening sequence without questioning, you know that 'The Sixth Sense' film is a thriller because the build up of sound gets faster and louder. Not only that, but as the couple turn around after looking at the shattered glass, a shadow passes into the bathroom. In the house all along viewers have only known there to be two people in the house, the woman and her partner, so somehow another person has entered the house mysteriously. If they knew who else was in the house they wouldn't walk slowly towards the bathroom to where this person is. Crazily enough, there is a completely insane stranger standing in a pool of blood, wearing nothing but a pair of underwear. The insanity goes further, as he starts shouting at the woman's partner, insisting that they've met before and starts mentioning events that had happened long time ago. The way the crazy patient' was acting and speaking, something was sure to go down. and it did, he attempted to kill the doctor and killed himself, all in that one house.
Showing an analysis of the opening and an explanation to how I know the film is a THRILLER

A type of
fiction that attempts
to make audience
jump out

of their
places its
at great risk
.There is a constant
unease throughout
the story,
makes the narrative suspenseful
to the viewers
by creating
a tense
Overall views
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