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Walk Two Moons Places and Summaries

No description

hunter swan

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Walk Two Moons Places and Summaries

Walk Two Moons Side Story "Face it we are lost ", Gram said.
They had walked around the Dells for hours when they noticed that they were in a part of the dells that they did not recognize. At first gram started to get upset . thinking that Gramps might worry about them. Not knowing what he would be thinking.
" he might think that we've been kidnapped" she started to say but could not worry further because she started to hyperventilate .
"deep breaths" Sal said.
"I'm going to look for him. Stay right here Sal"
Gram marched off with a purpose. That was the last Sal saw of gram for a while. After about ten minutes Gramps walked up to Sal and said
"Where is gram"
"Shes looking for you"
"well lets go get her"
"sounds good to me"
So they went off in search of Gram. They searched high and low ,under and over,through and around ,but they couldn't find Gram. Finally they were coming around an empty spot in the park when they the muffled cries of sounded like Gram. Gramps didn't hesitate. He bolted around the corner of the restroom where the cries seemed to be coming from. As he did he saw Gram on the ground with a figure that had a mask on standing near her with her purse. Again there was no hesitation from Gramps. He charged straight at the figure and tackled him right to the ground. The figure dropped the purse got up and booked it as far away from there as was physically possible. Gramps got up and then proceeded to help Gram up. After a short while of hugging in a group they continued their journey though the dells. After a bit it was as if the whole ordeal never happened

This is Bybanks Kentucky. Sal grew up here for 13 years with her mother and father. Eventually her mother left them. So Sal kept some of her mothers hair and the postcards that she sent sal so she would not forget about her. In hopes some day that she would return to her and her father. After a while her father was tired of waiting for her mother so they moved. Sal did not like moving one bit. This was because all the things that she loved and owned were here. ByBanks Kentucky At Bybanks i would probably mainly go sight seeing and just walk in the woods. While trying to see some local wildlife. Or i could go to The Daniel Boone National Forest witch is located near there. WWID Summary Sal moved here when she was 13 years old. When she got here she was disappointed because none of the stuff she liked was here. Like the swimming hole the singing tree and all of her animals. In her opinion all of the houses looked like birdhouses because they were all crammed together and they are all really small. This were she met phoebe. This is also where her dads girlfriend lives. Her name is Mrs. Cadaver. There is a great many things to do in Euclid Ohio. Some of which are very costly and some which are very cheap. But... i would still like to do just one thing. I would like to visit the polka hall of fame. First of all its cheap. Second, I like polka. This is why I would like to visit Euclid Ohio. Summary WWID They stayed at the Howard Jonson Motel . It was on the outskirts of Chicago. That night Sal couldn't sleep very well. So that night she stayed up and watched the city. It reminded her of Euclid . They left in the morning. Ill-ah-no-way If I was in Chicago I would do alot of things. First of all i would go to Where the bears practice and stick my tongue out at them. Also i would go to the sears tower . The first McDonalds that was made is also there. Plus I would go to were Abe Lincoln grew up. All in all there is alot of places i would like to go if I was ever in Illinois Lake Michigan Summary WWID Gram Wanted to Stop at Lake Michigan. Upon hearing this Gramps whipped the car across several lanes to reach the crystal water of Lake Michigan. When they got in the water they had a good ol' time. They did what any other family would've done. After a little while they went on their way . Summary WWID WWID Euclid Ohio If I was at lake Michigan i would go fishing most of the day. Also there is something else I would I would do. If there was alot of wind and if there were some waves. I would like to go wind surfing . I have always wanted to go wind surfing. Other than that I dont think that there would be a whole lot that i would do. Gram, Gramps, and Sal arrive in Madison, Wisconsin. They stroll around the town, enjoying the scenery and eating ice cream. Sal feels uneasy, still longing to be on the road, rushing toward Lewiston. Her grandparents ask if she wants to buy some postcards, and she refuses, remembering the trail of postcards her mother sent during her trip to Idaho. They continued on towards the dells. Madison If I were at madison I would do a great many of things. First I would visit the capital building. Then I would visit the overture center for arts. Also I would visit Monona Terrace. Plus I would like to go to The Henry Vilas Zoo. There are many other places that I would like to go to in madison as well. But these are just some of them. The Dells Summary WWID They continue on, from Madison to be diverted by the Wisconsin Dells, a theme park featuring Wisconsin's Native American heritage. Sal walks around with Gram, thinking about her own Native American heritage and the fact that she prefers the phrase "American Indian" to "Native American." While she and Gram watch some dancers, Sal dozes off. When she awakes, Gram is no longer beside her, and she panics, thinking that they have abandoned her and that eventually everyone, like her mother, will abandon her. She calms down, however, when she realized that Gram has merely donned a headdress and joined the dancers. What would I do if I were at the dells . Well What everyone would do of coarse .I would check out all of the amusement parks. If there was one I found interesting i would further inspect the premises. I would go on all the rides . I would also go on all of the water slides. But I would also check out the native american dancers that Sal saw. This is what I would do if i were at the dells. summary WWID Pipestone Minnesota They went to a museum. The museum was all about pipes. Gramps spotted some one smoking a pipe. He asked him if they could smoke the pipe as well. He agreed to let them all smoke the pipe. First Gramps smoked then Gram and when Sal did some thing strange happened . Gramps said the pipe was for remembering with. If i was at Pipestone I would probably do the same thing they did . I would also ask if the would reenact pipestone from the Civil War days. There are other things that i would do there. These are just some of the things i would do. Souix Falls SD Summary WWID It was really hot in Souix Falls. It was so hot that Gramps took off his shirt and Gram unbuttoned her dress If I were there i would go to the Uss battle ship memorial there. I would also go to the National flat track race. Mitchell SD Summary WWID When they went to Mitchell they never actually stopped there. They just drove straight through it. It got so hot that Gram unbuttoned fer dress down to her waist If I was in Mitchell i would do lots of things . One of which would be going to the corn palace. There are lots of things to do in the corn palace. Some of the are sports events or you could go se a band play. Badlands SD Summary WWID Side Story Sal and her grandparents stop the car and look at the jagged beauty of the badlands. Grams breathing is troubled so gramps sets out a blanket for her. Sal also sees a pregnant women which also triggers another memory of her mother If i was in the badlands i would go to the national park and do some of the folowing. I would go and enjoy the beuty of the park . Or I could ride my bike or my Wheeler around so I could see more stuff faster. Chamberlain SD summary WWID It was so hot that Gramps took a detour to the Missouri river. As they were splashing each other and having a good time a sketchy character shows up with a bowie knife in his hand( we find out later his name is Tom Fleet). He tells them that this is private property. Then he proceeds to go through there things . As he was doing so Grams was bitten by a water moccasin . Disregarding the boy Gramps brings gram up to the shore. With a change of heart the boy starts sucking the venom out of Grams bite all the way to the hospital. At the Hospital Sal sees a singing tree which triggers another memory of her od home in Bybanks. After Gram gets better they continue on there way If i was there I would go to the Lewis and Clark keel boat center. When you go there you get to relive what they did in their adventures. think I would reallyenjoy this becauseReally find interesting what they did. Yellowstone Summary WWID At Yellowstone Gram could not sleep that night because she was so excited to see ol' faithful. When the moment finally came it didnt do much so Gram went closer to get a better look and almost got fried by the scalding water that erupted just seconds after she stepped back. When it erupted everyone went ballistic cheering and oohing and ahhing. Gram really enjoyed seeing the geyser. If I was at Yellowstone I would love to see the geyser. I would also love to see the local wildlife. Or would like to go fishing there. i mainly would like to see the wildlife that isn't around here though. Lewiston Idaho Summary WWID This is the destination of the trip. Sal has too take Gramps car the rest of the way , because Gram has had a stoke and is in the hospital. Gramps is staying with her and wont leave her side. When Sal gets there she goes down to look at a bus wreck and the cops see her . They realize she was driving by herself and without a license take her back to gramps. They having compassion on the little girl and take her to her mothers grave and then back to gramps. If i were there i would do lots of things . I would go rafting at salmon river canyons. I would also go fishing there . I would also try to see some of the differeant landscape around that area. As Sal drove nervously down the highway she noticed flashing lights in her rear view mirror. No no no she thought, this can’t happen. With a new determination set within her she put the pedal to the floor. She listened to the engine roar as she sped past other cars. After a while she slowed down and started to take it easy thinking she had lost the cop but as if right on cue she started seeing those flashing lights getting bigger and bigger. Instead of determination this time it was desperation. Once again she gunned it hoping that the cop would lose sight of her and she could get away. But the cop kept up with her and not only that but he started to pull up to the other side of her. The cop looked in her window and was astonished to see a thirteen year old at the wheel. He started to say something but she couldn’t make out what it was. Sal realized that it was now or never and for the last time she pressed the gas pedal to the floor only this time she also swerved into the cop car attemting to drive it off the road. And to her surprise it worked. The cop lost control as one tire popped and he slid off the road. Sal breathed a sigh of deep relief as she double checked this time to see if she was under the speed limit. After contemplating all of what just happened she swore an oath never to tell a living sole what had happened that day.
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