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VUCA Prime

How to Lead Change in a VUCA World

John Scott

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of VUCA Prime

Leading Change in a VUCA World Complexity The best leaders demonstrate vision, understanding, clarity,
and agility in three steps V.U.C.A Uncertainty Volatility Ambiguity Step 2 -Insight
Insight is about exploring multiple options, seeing what works and gaining early feedback Step 1 -Foresight Step 3 -Action
Action is about execution of successful approaches, and delivery of the solution which may be quite different from what was originally anticipated. VUCA Change 7 steps 1. Find the compelling purpose
2. Make sense of the change
3. Experiment and adapt
4. Create the new reality
5. Develop and deliver trust
6. Improvise within the change framework
7. Leave a legacy VUCA Prime... Vision – an intent that seeks to create a clear future state
Understanding – stop, look and listen to the characteristics at play
Clarity – make sense of the chaos
Agility – Collaborative approach to rapid change Back to Different VUCA is the new normal, and the sooner we accept that as a way of life, the more likely it is that we will be able to perform and deliver results without the comfort of stability or a clear line of sight Human Leadership "Turning a rapidly changing environment to our advantage requires a recalibration how we develop, deploy and deliver our business objectives. ." Letting go What is VUCA? The rate of Change Unclear about present situations or future outcomes Multiplicity of decisions and dilemmas Lack of Clarity of the meaning of events Foresight is about recognizing the likelihood of ambiguity and realizing there may be no single, simple, solution; instead the need to tap into a variety of perspectives, perhaps via nontraditional networks Leaders must have the courage to admit what they don’t know, and seek out advice, help and alliances in all corners of their organisation and outside it. The ‘illusion of control’ – or how everyone thinks they know what’s going on in a world that is more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous than they realise, and a tendency to believe we can control or influence things we clearly cannot. VUCA change requires the need to use employee involvement to effect large-scale organisational transformation. There are four principles that can support high engagement change processes:

1: Widening the circle of involvement
2: Connecting people and ideas
3: Creating communities for action
4: Promoting fairness High Engagement and Organisational empowerment Planning for change in a VUCA environment The entire planning process is conducted with a group of people with diverse perspectives not just a select few leaders
Participants gain an understanding of others assumptions, and viewpoints
Assumptions and status quo are rigorously questioned
Inclusive process leads to participants feeling energised and connected Volatility ∞ Vision: Immediate Futures

Uncertainty ∞ Understanding: Adaptive Change Model

Complexity ∞ Clarity: Sense making

Ambiguity ∞ Agility: Safe Fail and Ritual Dissent An exercise that combines rapid prototyping of ideas and action with the practice of listening to the creative criticism it generates An exercise that views today from the perspective of the desired future and creates milestones for getting there This model of change weaves together the transactional/doing aspects of change and the transformational/relational aspects of change A method of tuning in to weaker signals in the environment, searching for what might be possible in order to act with informed sensibility VUCA

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