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Captain James Cook

No description

Malin Ihle

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Captain James Cook

Explorations across the ocean
Christopher Columbus
- born 1451 in Genua in Italy
- died on May 20, 1506 in Valladolid at the age of 55
- first time on board of a ship at the age of 14
- wanted to find a sea route to India - spices, silk, etc.
- king of portugal didn´t support him
- Isabella, queen of spain did

Captain James Cook
- explorer, navigator, cartographer, and captain
- born on October 27, 1728
- died on February 14, 1779
- first to make detailed explorations in the Pacific Ocean
His first journey
- 13. August 1492 - 15. March 1493
- three ships ( Santa Maria, Nina, Pinta)
- journey was vary hard - the crew wanted to rebel - they reached land
- 12. October 1492 New World
- island of the Bahamas- named it San Salvador
- named native Indians and traded with them
- thought he found Asia ( India)
- but it was America
- to see calculated passing of Venus in front of sun
- to find legendary Terra australis
- New Zealand, Australia, New Guinea
The second journey
- to search for Terra australis again
- sailed along pack ice edge
- found many islands
The first journey
The third journey
- to find a connection between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean
- found Cook Islands and Hawaii
- killed on Hawaii by aboriginal people on February 14, 1779
- Thirst
- Scurvy
- Reefs
- Storms
- Ice
- shipwreck
- rebellion
Zheng He
- admiral of the biggest armada (Flotte) of the world
- well-known in China
- unknown in Europe
His life
His journeys
-seven big journeys across the Indian Ocean
-each with at least 40 ships
-during the journeys discovery of lots of countries with good spices
-fights against pirates in the Indian Ocean
The armada
-consisted of 300 ships
-biggest ships are called junks (Dschunken) (up to 9 masts)

The crew
-up to 28,000 men
-prisoners of wars
-trade with other countries (silk, porcelain against animals - giraffes,etc.)
-search for medicaments
-scientific research
- was apprenticed to William Sanderson at age 16
- entered the Navy in 1755
- married to Elizabeth Batts
- had 6 children
His life
-marking incense sticks (Räucherstäbchen) as a clock
-position of the ships: mesure of the height of the polar star & the Crux
The End of the armada
-1433 because of shortage of money
-thought there aren't any countries which are good enough for capture
-1513 first European on the Indian Ocean, amarda be away, ships destroy,logbook are burn
-Zeit Online
-Google Bilder
-books: "Die grossen Entdecker", "Was ist Was: Entdecker und ihre Reisen"
!!China had been the biggest empire of its time!! but it hadn't been able to keep this status.
Some reasons:
-its pride
-its prejudices of orther counties/nations
by Hanna,Franziska &Malin
Zheng He
Christopher Columbus
James Cook
His second journey
- 25th September 1493 - 11th June 1496
- 17 ships with about 1500 passengers
- the journey went to Lesser Antilles in the Carribean
- found La Isabela
- unfair to Indian- fighting with them
- he took prisoners - back to Spain
His third and fourth journey
- third journey : 30th May 1498 - 25th November 1500
- fourth journey : 9th May 1502 - 7th November 1504
- with his son Fernando
- to Honduras - first time he entered American mainland

Toscanelli card
- showed just Europe, Africa, China and Japan
- very unpointed
- thought the world would be smaller
- sea route across the Atlantic Ocean
- Vikings were in America before
- other countries like France and Great Britain wanted to use the New World, too so after Columbus journey the colonization began
-born 1371 (Ma He)
-kidnapped at the age of 11
-brought to the prince
of China who made Zheng He admiral of his armada as soon as he was emperor
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