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No description

Nick Faiola

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Purple

History The wrong tone of purple can say that an object is cheap or gross faster than any other color.

By stimulating the right side of the brain, sensitivity to beauty, creativity and compassion increase when you see purple

Purple is shown to balance the mind and has been used in the care of mental and nervous disorders

Violet can help to make sunburns feel better due to its cleansing effect

Purple stimulates deep thoughts and feelings

Indigo has been used in Texas as an anesthesia for minor surgeries because is has narcotic qualities Health and Psychological
Effects Earliest evidence came from Minoan civilization in Crete, about 1600 B.C. “Tyrian Purple,” is a purple dye from ancient civilizations mentioned in texts from about 1600 B.C. from species of marine mollusks. Purple
We associate purple with good judgment
Symbolizes magic, mystery, royalty, and spiritual fulfillment
Thursday's color is purple
Combination of blue and red, similar to purple
Associated with the Crown Chakra, the main coordination center of the body ensuring energy
Represents imagination and inspiration Symbols and Color Associations Purple dyes were very expensive and rare. The imperial standard of purple was used in Rome, Egypt, and Persia. “Tyrian Purple” is the domain of the rich and famous today as it was back then. Color is vitally important in the marketing business

Research shows that 92. 6% of people pay most attention to visual factors when making purchases

Color increases memory- it helps us process and store images

Colored images could hold the buyer's attention for two seconds longer than a black and white image

90% of people think that color attracts new customers Marketing Vision Purple is becoming more popular especially for the upcoming fall/winter season
Coming back in the fashion world and interior design
Violet, lilac, lavender, eggplant, and mauve are popular shades of purple Color Trends Violet is the shortest wave length of light in the visible spectrum and has the highest vibration Violet is a similar to purple, but they are not the same
Purple can be made by mixing red into violet Purple Purple Purple
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