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Yvonne Rodriguez

No description

Katrina Dye

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Yvonne Rodriguez

1st Science Classroom Sketch
My solution for the science classroom at Lakeside School District in 2050 is, to put state of the art technology clear walls/3D smart boards. There would be black walls for the ceiling and floor, able to change all the walls color, pattern, or the room's temperature. My classroom will take up two rooms, two story building. The roof is going to be roofless with an automatic roof closer, in case of dangerous weather conditions for safety.
Lakeside 2050:
Science Classroom

2nd Science Classroom Sketch
3rd & Final Sketch
For Lakeside School District 2050, I want to enhance learning in science classrooms; I want to make it fun and interactive for students at Lakeside School District. This could help our environment to progress and get better. Having one room for a science classroom is not enough. Expanding the classrooms outside would give the students assignments that would involve the outdoors instead of being inside in a classroom all day.
Boring Classroom
Future classroom of LSD 2050!!!
A Glimpse Into The Future of Lakeside School District!!!
By: Yvonne Rodriguez
Q:What five adjectives best describe your design?
A:Grand, Bold, Inspiring, Rare, Bright

Q:What makes your design innovative?
A:It's rare and it's ahead of what kind of technology we have during our time in 2015.

Q: What was your inspiration for your design?
A: I saw many kids not so excited in the environment and learning about our world and how we should take care of it. Science classrooms are in that category and how they motivate students.

Q:What features of your design do you think will most excite and inspire students? Why?
A:A 3-D projector that can make a room what you want it to look like.

Q: How is your design going to prepare students for work, college, and career?
A: It's going to help them be more aware of the environment and how to make it better. Also how to make technology more safe for the environment
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