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Lord of the Flies: Series of Hunts

No description

Marissa Kingzett

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies: Series of Hunts

13 11 15 9 6 14 4 3 2 1 7 8 12 Surprise Piglet Jack Hunts Alone Roger Stalks Henry First Success Ralph's First Hunt Robert Plays Pig Looking for the Beast The Violent Hunt Fire Raid Murder Glasses Raid Castle Rock Final Hunt LORD OF THE FLIES Successful Unsuccessful Trap Mock Hunt Ritualistic Hunt GOLDING'S THEORY Ralph Jack Civilization
Safety and Survival
Hard Work
Making a Home Savagery Civilization Ralph Jack Savagery Civilization By:
Marissa K.
Margaret Savagery
Proving Place "All humans are evil, or have the potential to be evil" English School Boys Ralph Piggy Jack Roger Simon Intelligent person turned evil
Always excluded but included in chant and killing of Simon
Tries to deny that Simon's murder was an act of evil and places the blame on Simon Charismatic,compassionate leader turned evil
Gets caught up in excitement and a taste of blood-lust when he joins a hunt
Helps kill Simon
Accepts responsibility of murder
Knows what he did was wrong
Prevents him from turning into a downward spiral into more acts of evil Power-hungry dictator turned evil
Uses fear to spread evil
Gets a high from blood and killing
Likes having control "Problem child" turned evil
Had previously had rules of civilization enforced on him
Gradually loses the effect theses rules had on him
Easy transition to evil "Good" person and "loner"
Does not turn to evil, but goes a little crazy
Represents knowledge
Not influenced as much by the actions of others
Doesn't get caught up in ritualistic things
Is it a flaw in Golding's theory or did he just not have a chance to become evil? Jack and his hunters paint their faces to disguise themselves
When Jack puts his on he feels like someone new
"He looked in astonishment, no longer at himself but an awesome stranger." (P 65)
They can do whatever without feeling guilty not themselves
They kill their first pig Ralph holds meeting to talk about rules and participation
Jack goes against Ralph and his rules
Ralph loses control of the little ones and they go off with Jack
First time Ralph loses his authority to Jack Jack, Ralph and Simon go out to hunt
discover pigs on island
Jack drew his knife on a pig
Jack paused with knife in the air "The pause was enough for them to understand what an enormity the downward stroke would be." (pg 28)
Jack didn't kill the pig
first time boys are exposed to the possibility of savagery Even though Jack is inviting them to their feast he is still betraying Ralph and his tribe by stealing their fire
If Jack had asked Ralph would have given him fire, but Jack preferred the unethical route
Shows he wants to prove his authority, that he is the higher power The boys are awakened one night by howling and shrieking from Jack's hunters
They badly beat Ralph's tribe
They steal Piggy's glasses
Jack is in possession of the most important thing on the island: fire JACK + FIRE = POWER FIRE = "NUKES" "Round the squatting child was the protection of parents and school and policemen and the law." (Golding pg. 65) Roger pushes the boulder down onto Piggy which sends Piggy to his death. With Piggy representing intelligence and Ralph's only companion left on the island is gone.
When Roger pushed the boulder, Piggy was holding the conch shell in his hands and when he was hit the conch shell shattered. The conch shell represented leadership and with it being shattered, the island is doomed to succumb to chaos Roger experiments with the boundaries set by outside world
Pushes what he has been taught is allowed
He starts to discover that nothing can stop him and starts to feel the distance between the island and civilization
Is nervous but also excited to be doing what was considered "taboo" in his old life Begins with Ralph discovering that he has lost all power over the boys
The boys have now all been taken over by the savage instincts inside of them
Excitement and disallusion lead to an unmentionable act
Simon had just learned the secret of the beast
Comes face to face with not only the Lord of the Flies, but the real beast itself - the boys
Almost all boys show evil side
Lose sight of reality and the truth and only see what they have been influenced to believe SAVAGERY TAKES THE LEAD 5 10 IMPAIRED VISION
"My Spec's!" Hunters are still on the high of their kill
Jack feels like he can do anything
No longer has boundaries protecting his actions
Attacks Piggy because he knows no one can stop him
Piggy's glasses break
Represents the boys losing sight of what is right and society
With the cracks in the lenses they can no longer "see" properly Who Cares About Rules "Ralph-we need meat even if we are hunting the other thing" (pg. 122)
Ralph agrees to take part in a hunt along with Roger and Jack
When Ralph sees Jack fall off to the side of the pig run away from the bounding boar he "was able to measure the distance coldly and take aim." (pg. 123)
Ralph hits the boar (seeks recognition)
Jack is wounded
Power struggle between the two once again
Demonstrates Ralph losing his civilization along with the rest of the boys ALL CIVILIZATION HAS
BEEN LOST What is left of "Ralph's Tribe" is captured by Jack and the Savages
Ralph is the only civilized boy left
"Big Red Rock" being heaved off the tower rock symbolizes the takeover of savagery and the loss of civilization
Turns into a battle of savage vs. civilized
Stick sharpened on both ends
The corrupt savage power destroys everything when they light the fire
The peak in the boys savagery is actaully what leads them to be rescued Jack and his tribe go for their first hunt
Find a sow and they all continue to violently stab the sow
Roger sticks his spear up the sow's anus
Represents Roger's brutality and bloodlust
They then leave the sow's head on a stick for the beast Leftover excitement from previous hunt leaves boys excited
They want the high they get from the hunt to continue so they try to reenact it chanting and dancing in a circle Robert take the role of the pig in the reenactment
Boys attack Robert as they would a pig, just with less force
They get a taste of the power that they felt during the hunt Boys start making the hunt more and more realistic in order to get the same feeling of power
Turn to their instincts to be savages
Lose sight of reality and that they are participating in a game and nearly kill Robert
One of the first times that they become completely disillusioned and lose touch with reality
Ralph feels it would be best to finish the search the next day but Jack challenges him to hunt at night
Ralph's confidence is shaken after the mock hunt of the boar and feels he needs to prove himself to the rest of the boys
Ralph's need to prove himself in his power struggle costed him the opportunity to prove to the others that there isn't a real beast.
Because it is at night the boys see the parachutists in strange shadows and are convinced that the beast is real
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