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Copy of Christopher Bruce 'Rooster'

No description

elena rose

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Christopher Bruce 'Rooster'

Introduction to a System of Analysis focusing Christopher Bruce's 'Rooster'
'Rooster' by Christopher Bruce; Key Facts
Choreographer: Christopher Bruce

Lighting Designer: Tina MacHugh

Costume Designs: Marian Bruce

Number of Dancers: 10 (5 male, 5 female)

Music: Compilation of 8 songs by the Rolling Stones

Order of dances:
* Little Red Rooster
* Lady Jane
* Not Fade Away
* As Tears Go By
* Paint it Black
* Ruby Tuesday
* Play with Fire
* Sympathy for the Devil

First Premiere: 10th October 1992 created for Ballet du Grand Theatre de Geneve

British Premiere: 28th October 1992 by London Contemporary Dance Theatre

Running Time: 27 minutes
The System of Analysis
Analysing dance works is more effective when you establish a choreographic intention and deconstruct dance performances into its constituent features.
Constituent Features
Choreographic intention
Define the term; Choreographic Intention
The purpose behind the composition or performance of movement.
Choreographic Intention of 'Rooster'

* Reflect the Swinging 60's

* Courtship Rituals

* Gender Roles

* Celebration of music
The physical setting can be described as everything that is seen by the audience apart from the movement itself.

* Lighting
* Costume
* Props
* Set
* Dance Space
1. What Physical settings can be seen in 'Sympathy For the Devil' from 'Rooster' by Christopher Bruce?

2. How does the physical setting contribute to the choreographic intention.
Using your notes on aural setting. Identify the main aural setting of 'Little Red Rooster' from 'Rooster' by Bruce.
How does the aural setting contribute to the choreographic intention?
'It's a celebration of the music, and therefore it reflects the qualities of the songs included, I have to say, the rather dreadful attitude towards women that it was natural for young men to have in my teenage years. That's why I made a comparison between the strutting cockerel with his fine feathers and the man dressed up to go out - you know the 'blue suede shoes' kind of image.

Things have changed for some of us - not enough, perhaps, over the past 20 to 30 years, but it reflects the time. I'm not condoning the attitude, just accepting that it was an attitude of the time. And the women for their part are rather long-suffering, but see through it all with a kind of philosophical humour, so there's kind of a sexual war going on.'

Christopher Bruce in 'There's always an idea' in
Dance and Dancers New Year
1993 pg.18
Christopher Bruce quote on 'Rooster'
Homework: Keep and Maintain you log books. Research into the 'Swinging 60's' in terms of fashion, music, social values.
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