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No description

allayah delaney

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Cheerleading

My Multi Media Presentation is on cheerleading!
Here is a short video of my favorite team!
Did you know that Cheerleading was first a mans sport, like a guy trying to do this!!
I started cheerleading couple years when I watching T.V and saw girls doing cheerleading and I thought it was cool because girls where doing cool flips and and great stunts in the air. Then my mom put my in Cheer and I loved it.
Cheerleading is so fun, because just get to hang out with your best friends at practice, but it's not easy to be a cheerleader you need to work hard at practice give 110% DONT MISS practice or your coach might kill you, and last but not least you have to condition!
Cheerleading has alot of mixed things in it like Power Tumbling!
Cool stunts
I cheer for Niagara All-Stars. I cheered there for 3 years. I have cheered at different teams but, I love the team I'm on now. I have so many friends at Niagara All-Stars. I use to cheer with Lexxus on Tigers for about a year. I cheered for Tigers for about 2 years before Lexxus came to Tigers.
Cheerleading is not just fun its hard, because if your a flyer you need to stretch all the time because if you don't you will lose your flexibility and then when you go to competition you look bad!

Ok now I'm going to tell you about worlds. Worlds is like going to olympics its very special for a cheerleader. If you win you get a ring and the ring says world champion, and you get a BIG worlds trophy!
Here is what the ring looks like!
My favourite cheerleader is Gabi Butler because she is so great at cheerleading. She is super flexible and a great flyer, I hope one day I can be just like Gabi Butler. :)
Here is what the trophy looks like!
Thanks and that's all for my presentation :)

That is the uniforms that a girl would wear and what a boy would wear!
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