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New Hire Orientation

No description

Andrea Belmonte

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of New Hire Orientation

Kalahari Resorts
New Hire Orientation
Welcome and Hello!
Jason Manke-

Director of Learning and Talent Development
Housekeeping Notes
Kindly remove all hats and other head ware
If I didn't already catch it, please remove anything that doesn't meet our grooming standards, including: facial piercings, tongue rings, and men's earrings.
This orientation may take up to hours and minutes
Lastly, please turn OFF all cell phones and put them away. THANKS!
University of Kalahari
As you know by now, we have several classes.
Coming to a Classroom Near You…
Welcome To Kalahari.

Beyond Expectations

Let Our Team
Say Hello!
It's so good to have you!
Ice Breakers!
You now have two friends. The person you passed it to, and the person’s paper you just received.
What's this all about?
Let’s Take a Look-
A Video That Highlights a “Guest’s” Stay!
This resort is amazing!
It’s a “mile-long” stretch of the ultimate in play, stay, eat and meet accommodations!

We need to know a little about our company!
The 4 main properties:
Kalahari Resort – Wisconsin Dells (2000)

Kalahari Resort – Sandusky, OH (2005)

Trappers Turn Golf Club - Wisconsin Dells (2006)

Crystal Grand Music Theatre,- Wisconsin Dells (2010)
Headquartered in Wisconsin Dells.

Constantly reinvesting and looking for new opportunities!

Here is a Select Few of Our: Corporate Management Team
Todd Nelson
Owner, President and CEO
Josef Haas
Chief Operating Officer
Traci Jones
Corporate Director
of Human Resources
Todd Nelson Jr.
Corporate Analyst
Travis Nelson
Chief Slide Tester
Natasha Lucke
Alissa Gander
Waterpark Manager
Here is a select few of our
Wisconsin Dells Executive Team!

John Chastan
General Manager
Don Pleau
Food &
Beverage Director
Greg Sherill
Rooms Division
An Important Message...

From Owner, President and CEO
Todd Nelson

A Quiz?
Let’s review some of the information
from your associate handbook.

In our Company Philosophy section, we mention the reason why all of us are here. What is it?

Our guests are the reason we’re all here – they make it possible for the company to be successful.

Providing hospitality and exceptional guest service are the most important parts of each associate’s job.

In our Employment At-Will section, we talk about giving proper notice when you decide that your wild ride at the Kalahari comes to an end. What must you do?
Associates need to give a two-week notice of leaving, or be subject to a reduction of minimum wage for the remaining pay owed.

Define “Introductory Period”, and how long does it last?

Typically lasting 90 days, the introductory period is the opportunity to find out if you are suited for your position. The employee or employer can end the employment agreement during this time.

A question from our Transfers & Promotions section:
How long must you be in your job before you can apply for a transfer?
You must be in your current job for at least 90 days and have a satisfactory or better performance evaluation and attendance record.

The next couple questions deal with our Attendance No-Fault Point System. When calling off, how far in advance must you notify your manager or supervisor – and how?

At least two hours before your scheduled start time – and you must talk directly to the immediate supervisor/manager. No text messages.

What is it called when you leave before the end of your shift, without supervisor notification?

It’s called job abandonment, and regardless of the reason, it is viewed as a voluntary termination of employment.

What is it called when you don’t call-in correctly, and is there a consequence for not following procedure?

It’s called No-Call/No-Show (NC/NS) and it is cause for immediate termination. With two consecutive NC/NS shifts, the company has no choice but to terminate your employment.

Can anyone give me an example of what a “point” would be – as it applies to our Attendance/Tardiness Point System?

Points can be accumulated via a proper call off - or by being tardy. You are allowed to accumulate 2.5 points during your introductory period, and 7.5 points during any 12-month period.

1st proper call off = 1 point
2nd consecutive absence = .5 point
3rd consecutive absence = no points
4th consecutive absence, any everything after = .5 point
Being tardy = .5 point


Our Progressive Discipline guidelines suggest that there could be four steps, depending upon circumstances. How many can you name?

1.Verbal counseling
2.Written counseling
3.Suspension (without pay – except for attendance, tardiness or NC/NS situations)
Please note that in certain situations, for example gross misconduct, Kalahari Resorts reserves the right to forego progressive discipline.

What does the term Grooming Standards refer to, and how many can you name?

Grooming Standards refer to how you should always appear while on the clock.

Not Permitted: (not intended to be all inclusive)

-Beards, Goatees, Side-burns past ear, any Stubble
-Visible Body Piercing (including Tongue)
-Tattoos (must not be offensive, suggestive or otherwise deemed inappropriate by management)
-Male Earrings and ‘long’ hair (not to exceed
2 inches past the ear)
-Department Specific Guidelines

Three more policy notes:

1. Cell Phones - …associates are not permitted to carry cellular telephones while on duty.
2. Smoke Breaks - Check with your supervisor or manager.

3. When visiting our outlets, our guests come first. If they are waiting in line, and you are ahead of them, please allow them to go first.

The Kalahari Promise...
We PROMISE to Deliver Products and Services BEYOND EXPECTATIONS.

E – Enthusiasm

Our 10/5 Rule requires eye contact with guests at 10 feet and a warm greeting at 5 feet.

1. First Impression

I will portray a professional inviting appearance: Genuine smile, look of confidence, name tag, Promise button, clean and pressed uniform, approachable body language, and use welcoming greetings.

2. Safety

I will emphasize the safety and security of our guests and associates above all priorities.

3. Be Nice, Be Helpful

I will be courteous and helpful to all guests and associates, even the difficult ones.

4. 5/10 Rule

I will make eye contact with guests at 10 feet and greet them at 5 feet.

5. Follow- thru

I will see our guest’s requests thru to completion and exceed their expectations.

6. Teamwork

I will cooperate with my fellow Associates and thru Teamwork we will provide exceptional memories for all of our guests.

Group Discussion
How can you make the Core Values and Service Expectations a reality in your job duties?

Service Expectation Examples

5/10 Greeting Rule:
(when seeing a family on the elevator)
-Making eye contact and smiling
-Greeting them with good morning, afternoon, evening, etc.
-Asking the children if they enjoyed the water park/theme park today
-Wishing them a fun stay

Be Nice, Be Helpful
(Family sits down in my restaurant)

Smile and welcome them to _______, “my name is…I’ll be your server today”
Tell them about delicious drink/menu specials and confidently offer some of your favorite items on the menu.
Ask the children if they’ve had a good time.

Consistency is the key to Living the Kalahari Promise

Mr. Nelson and Mr. Haas
What questions do you have about delivering the Kalahari Promise on a daily basis?
REMEMBER: …we learned it all in Kindergarten!

Associate Benefits
You received a sheet, are there any questions?

Anything? Anything at all?
A video to leave you with...


Let's take a tour of the property!
Let's sign up for the next class!

You have been chosen as one of the new Associates to deliver products and services Beyond Expectations!
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