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Spring Break & the City

No description

Thais Ramirez

on 18 April 2017

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Transcript of Spring Break & the City

Spring Break & the City
Day 1
My flight is scheduled for 4:00am at Miami International airport.
Arrive at MIA around 1:00am, so that you have time to check-in.
Arrive at New York at 7:00am and take a cab to hotel, the Wyndham Midtown 45.
After settling and napping, take a cab to the One World Trade Center at around 12pm and get tickets to other tourist attractions from the street vendors in the area. Take a tour of the trade center and go to the memorial.
Dinner at My Pie Pizzeria at 6pm
.Walk back to the hotel and enjoy the city for the rest of the night.
Day 2
Wake up and go to buy breakfast from the Mama's Diner down the street at 11am.
Take the 5 train to Hudson 44th to bored the boat that will take you to Elis Island.
Eat at a restaurant on the island. Boredthe boat again at 7pm and make your way back to the hotel.
Cost: $80
Day 3
Eat breakfast at Mama's again and get prepare for the days activities.
Take a cab to the Museum of Modern arts.
Have lunch at 5pm at the Sbarro's around the corner.
Head to Carlos's Bakery for dessert at around 7pm.
Back to hotel.
Cost: $70
Day 4
Wake up and eat at Mama's.
Spend the day in Times Square.
Cost: $180 (food + other things you may buy.
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