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No description

delaney nelson

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Erogon

the majon conflict is Erogon fights Galborix protanogest Erogon place alaststasa a couple of days after Erogon reach varden he fought the king men and he won at the cots of almost losing hes drogen . the resluson I got was bad things hapen to good people. Antonest the evil king Galbatorix. Prezi by Delaney Nelson Erogon is a good Drogon rider. He is a rider for varden. Hes Drogen name is saphira. He is a rele evil Drongon rider he distroid moist of the rider"s but not all. setting a long time in the past Galborix evencloule find out he is the enmine then sents two Raza that kills Erogon uncle then erogon gets mad at hes drogen for not saving hes uncle. If you like this book Read the next book 2 book in the seres 3 book in the seares 4 and finle book in the seares 1book in the seares. If you want more info please checkout this website. www.alagaesia.com\ The End for now! Aother Cristheper Palioni This so far is the best book I ever read!!!!! Theme is 3 person. Erogon gets bent on revenge he also gets to varden which is in the mountains the kings men tried to take over varden again and again in the later books as well as this book. Erogon fights along side with Murtagh ( Murtag father was vary evil and hes father worked for the king) thay distroide the kings men. sphira trys to prtect Erogon but most of the time Erogon wont lisin to her. This is cristheper paolini he is the Auther of the seres of erogon. this is sphria she is a drogen and her rider is erogon. Christopher pilone is and always be the another of my favorite seares.
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