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Mr.Mace- Mr.Forman... High Level Budgeting

No description

Tevin Senior

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Mr.Mace- Mr.Forman... High Level Budgeting

Personal Budget The Dursley's Mrs. Dursley Mr. Dursley Bluebell Madonna: 2 Legolas: 4 Monthly Gross Income: $9,672.50

Federal Income Taxes: 25% - $2,418.13
State Income Taxes: 4.24% - $ 414.95
Social Security / Medicare Taxes: 7.65% - $739.95

Monthly Net Income: $6,099.47 House Cost: $259,000
Down Payment: $20,000
Term: 15 yrs.
Loan: $239,000
Finance Rate: 3.79%
Monthly House Payment: $1,888.65 The Dursley Home Pets Car #1: 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Cost: $22,087
Sales Tax: $1,457.752
Down Payment: $6,000
Term: 6 yrs.
Loan: $17,544
Finance Rate: 3.24%
Monthly Car Payment $268.45 Car #2: 2007 Toyota Camry
Cost: $14,867
Sales Tax: $981.22
Down Payment: $3,000
Term: 5 yrs.
Loan Amount: $12,848
Finance Rate: 3.24%
Monthly Car Payment: $232.23 $35 a month
for Timmy our cocker spaniel
$13.33 a month
so that freckles can have delicious gourmet fish food $48.33 total Paying for the Kiddies
(monthly) Menu
Food Costs: $447.56 Thank you! Occupation: Nurse Occupation: Elementary
School Teacher Daycare: $1,000
Baby costs: $410 Diapers
Other Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks:
Monday: Cereal w/milk PB&J Sandwich Spiral Pasta w/sauce - Frito Chips
Orange Juice Crackers w/cheese Milk - Various Fruit
Banana Apple Slices Oat meal cookie - Fruit Snacks
- Crackers & cheese
Tuesday: Cinnamon Toast Grill Cheese Hot Dogs - Cumcumber silces w/ ranch
Milk & yogurt Tomato Soup Ketchup & bun - Granola Bars
Strawberries Milk, friots chips Potato Salad

Wednesday: Scrambled Eggs Whatever is left in Beef Tacos
Milk & Bacon the fridge or cabinet Milk, chips & salsa
Blueberries Ice Cream

Thursday: Bagel w/cream cheese Chicken Wrap Pizza & wings
Orange Juice Friots Chips Milk
Banana & yogurt Apple Slices Oat meal cookie

Friday: Cereal w/ milk Turkey Sandwhich Dinner at grandparents
Orange Juice Lemonade
Strawberries Crackers w/ cheese

Saturday: Eggs Bean & cheese Burrito Large Chicken Salad
Apple Juice Lemonade Romaine & Ranch dressing
Blueberries Cumcumber & ranch Ice Cream

Sunday: Bagel w/ cream cheese Whatever is left in Hamburgers
Orange Juice the fridge or cabinet Corn on the cob & beans
Cantalope Small Salad & Sherbert :) Sources Family:







http://www. babycenter.com/baby-cast-calculator



Other Photos:

http://www.wallexentertainment.com/wp/news Tevin Senior
Get Well Forman Other costs Gas: $350
Car Insurance: $168.54
Health Insurance: $171
College Fund: $20
Savings: $50
Car Maintenance: $20
Cosmetic: $25
Cothing: $20
Personal Allowance: $39.35
Vacation: $20
Credit Card: $500
Utilities: $250.36
Cell Phones: $150
Entertainment: $20 Math calculations Monthly net income: $6,099.47
House: -$1,888.65
Car 1: -$268.45
Car 2: - $232.23
Insurance: - $168.54

Total: + $3,541.60

Cell Phones: - $150
Babies: - $410
Health Insurance: - $171
Food: - $447.56
Utilities: - $250.36
Credit Card: - $500
Pets: - $48.33
Day Care: - $1000
Gas: - $350

Total: + $214.35 Cosmetics: - $25
Entertainment: - $20
Vacation: - $20
Car Maintenance - $20
Clothes: - $20
Savings: - $50
College Fund: - $20
Personal Allowance: - $39.35

Total: $0 HORSEFEATHERS Thought i'd Take it to the next level, Cause for US as a Species to Advance.. Someone has to.
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