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Foreign Foods

No description

Kayla Molison

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Foreign Foods

By Kayla Molison
Map of Max's Universe
Max's consciousness
The Egg King's Castle
Army of Eggs
Empty Space
Red Planet where
Max meets Bacon

The thoughts flashed before Max's eyes as Bacon soared under him in a hazy blur. His head still ached intensely from where the coffee cup Matt had thrown had hit him just this morning, and he was still shocked by falling into space just before the enthusiastic, greasy piece of bacon had saved him. These thought's in mind, he opened his tired eyes.
Max had nothing left to do in this draw dropping world, the one he only saw on TV where strange lights lit the entire black sky. His inpatient whiskers twitched at the thought of it as he scratched his damp nose and soared through the sky on Bacon's back. Was it Space? He thought riously to himself, wondering what the human word meant. Probably a place full of lights, he thought as he looked around.
"So, the note said, Max the Cat, we need you're help!" Max began telling Bacon about his wonderous journey so far. "The Egg King and his army has kidnapped King Bacon forcibly!" Max gestured dramatically with his paws. "So that's where find myself next to you, Bacon. I'm so glad were friends." Max sighed with relief.
He didn't know it, but Bacon rolled his eyes, and found himself quite annoyed by
the cat. Such a stupid cat, he thought to
himself, pittying the outlandish

"See, I wonder Bacon, is this breackfast
food world actually real? Or... Or is this a
hallucination since I passed out from when that coffee cup hit me? Matt said, 'YOU IDIOTIC CAT!' and then-"
Unfortunatly, Max did not see the vile yellow blob screeching towards him at a insane speed. It has to be those rocks I see flying and hitting the earth right. He also saw giant rocks flying through the sky on Matt's TV, and this seemed
to be only thing that could fly that fast.
This is going to hurt, Max thought to

The yellow blob of disgust was, not hard and
excruciating, but instead squishy and slimy, and it felt like a giant, squirming Slug. It hit Max directly in the mouth, forcing slime down his dry throat and leaving residue. He choked, coughing, and lost balance as he fell of Bacon with one boisterous thought in his head. EGG YOLKS!!!
It was one of the worst tastes Max had ever had in his mouth, and he spit and gagged as he fell into the neverending sky. He looked up to see Bacon shooting towards him, and relief crossed his face. Thank God. Bacon's going to save me. Just as his paw brushed Bacons greasy side, he fell into a gruesome slime, and saw he was surrounded in a bubble of egg yolk.

Screaming into the liquid, he gagged and blinked his eyes, but all he could see was the faint outline of lights and the yellow surrounding him as he yelped. He couldn't breathe as well. He realized it in seconds as he thrashed wildly and tried to scream again. Yes, he was drowning in an egg yolk. He kicked, and on the last surge of breath, his claw scratched the side of the thin material, causing him, and more liquid to drain out, Max flailing as he gulped in air. That was another thing too. You could breathe in the
illuminated world, unlike TV.
Then he fell onto Bacon, and his friend zipped past several other yolks, Max shaking out the gooey mixture in his golden fur. They managed to escape, but another hurd was already coming. Like a pack of racing horses, plush, yellow scrammbled eggs were shooting at them and Bacon made a fiant whistling sound and Max braced himself; it
was his sign that something disastrious
was about to happen.

They barged straight into the eggs that trampled them, Max being somersaulted backwards as yellow filled his vision. He could see that as the scrambled eggs surrounded them, they also increased in size, trying to quickly suffocate Max and Bacon.
Max flinched, and dug his acute claws even further into Bacons chewy back. The flexible piece of food, shot forward, trying to ram down a wall of the eggs, but he wasn't strong enough. Max took a deep breath, and new he had to be brave.
He began biting at the material, chewing and spitting as revolt filled his mouth. Max had never had scrammbled eggs before, because originally, he had eaten one of Matt's poached eggs, and had vowed never to eat eggs again.
Foreign Foods
This type was foreign ot him, it was gross
but the slimy texture was gone and he created a large hole in the eggs as he swollwed some. The foreign food saved my life, he thought Bacon zipped away. They were close to the Egg King's Castle, which stood high in the sky. They were only a few meters from the large, front doors, as Bacon boosted speen, and the eggs raced after.
They were there, and right as Max was about to touch the door, Bacon stopped, and Max turned to see that the revolting eggs had a firm grip on Bacon. Max panicked, trying to think of an idea. The eggs pressed harder, and before all hope was lost, Bacon arched his back and then stretched it like the springs of a trampline, sending Max flying off his back and right in front of the doors. He saved my life, Max thought as Bacon encouraged him to go through.
Just then the door peeked the heavy open, and Max poked his head through cautiously, the only sound erupting from the room, an evil, destructive laugh.
To be continued.....
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