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Military History

Coach Hodge's Speech

Vincent Clark

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Military History

General Eisenhower What it Means to be a Veteran By: Devin Clark
What It Means.. 1). a person or thing that has given long service
in some capacity
2). a person who has served in the military forces Veteran: THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR Starting With... "Taxation without Representation"
Stamp Act
Townshend Acts
Sugar Act
Boston Tea Party Starting Points: "if this be treason, make the most of it!"
-Patrick Henry "Give me liberty or give me death"
-Patrick Henry War Begins
Minute Men vs. Red Coats
The Battle for Independence Battle of Lexington/Concord Battle of Saratoga Special thanks to: Frances Marion "The Swamp Fox" & George Washington Victory At Yorktown!!!
Defeat of General Cornwallis
The Birth of the Greatest Nation in History Thank You Thank you minutemen, for your service and your bravery. Thank you patriots, for being the first of a long line of veterans. "shot heard 'round the world" 1781 1861 North THE CIVIL WAR V South Political, Social, Economical, and Moral Differences
Land Disputes
SLAVERY Causes of Civil War Fort Sumter
-The 1st Battle Blue vs. Grey
North vs. South
Yankees vs. Confederates
Brother vs. Brother The Split Major Battles Battle of Bullrun
(July 16, 1861)
783 killed Battle of Shiloh
(April 6-7, 1862)
23,746 killed Battle of Antietam
(September 16-18, 1862)
23,100 killed Battle of Chancellorsville
(May 1-4, 1863)
24,000 killed Battle of Gettysburg
July 1-3, 1863
51,100 killed Battle of Chickamauga
(September 19-20, 1863)
34,624 killed -Lee surrendering at Appomattox Courthouse in April of 1865. The Yanks Win. Preservation of the Union
Slavery is Abolished
627,000 Dead Results of War: Thank You, to both Johnny Reb and Billy Yank, for sacrificing your time, blood, and family for this country. We salute you. World War I USA, France, United Kindom, and Russia Militarism
Nationalism vs. Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire New Type of Warfare
- different men, different tactics, and different machines. Tanks Gases Air Support Bombs Trench Warfare Machine Guns Battle of Arras
Battle of Messines
Battle of Passchendaele
Battle of the Marne
St. Mihiel
Vittorio Venento Almost 120,000 Americans died in this conflict War lasted from:
July 28, 1914 to November 11, 1918 11/11/1918 Treaty of Versailles We thank you veterans. We thank you for
your fight against the "Kaiser" and for the
victory you brought to America. The Second Great War. (World War II) US Soldiers African Conflict Pacific Campaign European Campaign Erwin Rommel Adolf Hitler Hideki Tojo Storming Normandy Hedge Rows Battle of the Bulge Attack on Mers El Kebir First Battle of El Alamein Battle of Kasserine Pass Battle of Iwo Jima Battle of Midway Hiroshima and Nagasaki Two Great Generals: VE Day (Victory over Europe): & General Patton VJ Day (Victory over Japan): -May 8th, 1945 -August 14, 1945 We thank you. We Thank you for ensuring our freedom and winning the war. You never gave up and never retreated. You were and still are the greatest generation in American History. We as a nation salute you. Over 406,000 American Casualities were reported in WWII "You are never beaten until you admit it"
-Gen. Patton The Korean War "The Forgotten War" Conflict results after
Korea is divided
between the Soviets
and the U.S in 1945. South Korea
U.S Occupied
Democratic North Korea
Soviet Controlled
Communist North passes into South Korea This lead to the first
conflict in the Cold War 38th Parallel War Breaks out on June 20, 1950. The infamous Douglas MacArthur
is appointed general of U.S troops. Hwachon Reservoir Bloody Ridge Heartbreak Ridge Suwon Airfield Hadong Ambush Operation Tomahawk Naktong Bulge Battle of Pakchon Battle of White Horse Nam River Battle of Hwanggan 33,741 U.S Dead Results of Korea... 23,615 Killed in Action 92,134 U.S wounded 4,820 U.S Missing in Action 7,245 Prisoners of War 2,847 Died in POW camps Thank You Korean War Veterans.
You preserved Democracy and helped
stop Communism. We have not forgotten you. Vietnam September 1955-April 1975 Started soon after the Korean War
Similar Circumstances (North against South) North Vietnam South Vietnam Ho Chi Mihn Ngo Dinh Diem Led Viet Cong aka: "Charlies" Led ARVN -Army Republic of South Vietnam The Soldier Experience: Most of the men had never even been outside the country First off... The average age of a soldier was 19-26. Some weren't even 18 Originally written by Coach Hodge "All experienced the horrible heat (temperature) of South East Asia. It was NOT a dry heat of a desert, but a humid heat, one sweated just standing there. It took a week or more for the US male to climatize to the country. Most men LOST weight and heavy set GI's weren't all that common." "Living in the field created the animal instinct of "survival" in each man. Life consisted of only eating, sleeping and fighting." When it rained, the dirt roads turned to mud. There were no flush toilets or modern bathroom facilities Psychological Issues Alien Environment Vietcong Fighting Tactics Terrible Sights and Sounds Jungle Terrain Would use pun gee sticks, trip-explosives, children and deception Sounds of fellow soldiers being tortured during the night. Sights of injured or dismembered children. -Would lead to mental problems
and trauma later in life. Tunnel Systems Overview of War U.S entered the war to stop the spread of Communism.
Johnson was the first to enforce this.
Eisenhower, Kennedy, and others followed
U.S began to bomb railways and supply stations in North Vietnam
after the Tet offensive.
In 1965, the Vietcong attacked a U.S military base.
The U.S was now fully involved. The capture of Saigon in 1975 marked the end of the War.
58,200 American soldiers died.
Although South Vietnam was taken over by the North, the
war prevented other Southeast Asian countries from falling
to Communism The Vietnam War Veteran were greeted with picket signs and protesters.
They were called "baby killers"
They were discriminated against by doing what they were told and risking their lifes The Return Home Times have changed. We see now the difficulties you had to endure and the pain you had to suffer through. We thank you Vietnam War Veterans. Even though you had to, perhaps, go through the most, you recieved the least for your action.
We salute you. The Day That Will Live In Infamy Bush's War on Terrorism. "Operation Iraqi Freedom" March 20, 2003- December 18, 2011 This Operation was conducted by the United States and the United Kingdom. The Main goals of Iraqi Freedom were to rid Iraq of nuclear/chemical weapons (WMD), to take Saddam Hussein out of power, and to stop Al Qaeda if given the chance. In 2011, Pres. Obama stated that U.S troops would begin to pull out of Iraq. This War was a direct result from the 9-11 attacks. War in Afghanistan (2001-present) The U.S aimed at dismembering the Tailban, Al Qaeda, and finding Osama Bin Laden (high member of Al Qaeda). DEMOCRACY Iraq and Afghanistan were fought using Modern Warfare New Technology
New Weapons
New Strategy
New Risks Over 2,000 troops have died
16,000 are wounded Stats: Afghanistan Iraq Over 4,400 troops have died
over 25,000 are est. wounded Thank you veterans for your service in an ongoing war. Even with
the additions of new threats, you still stay brave in the face of danger. May 2, 2011 -Death of Bin Laden Thank You to
All the Veterans
and Your Services
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