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Son of The Mob 2

No description

Franco Chen

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Son of The Mob 2

Son of The Mob 2
In this book, Vince goes to film school. He thinks that he has left all of his dad's business at home when he see's his brother and his uncles at his door. Before he got to his room, he was driving and he found out that he's got the wrong suitcase. He realizes that he's got a suitcase filled with money. He immediately calls his Dad. His brother picks up and tells him to go to the airport so his uncle could swap the suitcases. When he arrives at the airport he sees a mob of security guards chasing his uncle then he hears a car driving away. It turns out that was his car.
After a bit of calling, Vince manages to get his car back. Now he's at his room seeing his brother and his uncles. Later in the book, Vince does a film assignment. He manages to finish it the day before it was due when he finds out he took the wrong disc. The film was shown to the whole class and it as he see's it he takes it out and runs back to his room. The disk was his uncles, it was a kidnapping scene. A few weeks later, he finds out that his dad is in the city!
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