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CeCeT Tech Garden

Business Structure Meeting

David Gower

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of CeCeT Tech Garden

Why are we here? Business Opportunity To expand research opportunities for members through grant writing support and investment in facilities UL 1703 Help clean energy innovators navagate the difficult process of commercialization of their products and find ways to help smaller companies evaluate technology before attempting expensive certification testing To create centers for global certification & research testing of Solar PV, Wind, components and, in the future, other clean energy technologies. Provide job & research opportunities to retain and attract great minds, talented individuals and invigorate the clean energy economy in New York State Conduct real world testing to provide data to accelerate the standards development process for new technology and to correalate, confirm and improve existing standards Give guidance to public and private investors by evaluating the safety, performance, and technical potential of new innovative clean energy solutions UL 1741 AWEA 9.1 CSA C61400-2 IEC 61400-23 How we can help? Business opportunity The CeCeT Team Market the equipment and expertise of member organizations and manage projects between clients and multiple members and partners to ensure access to the best resources available What we need to decide Organizational
Structure Financial Transactions Adding members & partners Cost Share Model Proposed and one more reason we are here... We need to save this... by using this... Organizational structure Financial Transactions Membership Cost Share Model Board Members Committees Decision Matrix Projects Facilities Budget Founding Members Adding Members Partners Members with facilities MISSION

Provide a conduit to resources for the evaluation of clean energy technology

CeCeT will establish and coordinate distributed testing and research facilities and services for Solar PV and Wind products and components in New York State. The Center will coordinate the equipment and research expertise of its consortium of public, private and academic members and partners to create a sustainable financial model by generating revenue for testing products to standards, providing third-party validation and evaluation services, and managing projects to solve issues with product certification and late-stage product development.

CeCeT will evaluate clean energy technology for safety, performance, longevity and other requested attributes. The Center will have a customer driven focus and seek advice from outside advisors and customers in creation of service offerings. Research conducted by CeCeT will focus on the examination of clean energy technology in real-world situations and preparing the industry and manufacturers for future testing standards. VISION

To become the premier organization for the evaluation of clean energy technology

By focusing on assisting clean energy technology reach certification, CeCeT aspires to develop a reputation for managing projects, conducting research and collecting data that will assist manufacturers, project developers and others in assessing the potential for innovative products and bringing them to market faster.

The Board of Directors also referred to as the ‘Board’ will consist of one representative from each Member and the Executive Director. The board representative may also be an operational leader for their organization (i.e. Local Manager) and the Local Manager may serve as a proxy for the Board Member when unavailable.
Member Local Managers Craig Clark
Dean of Applied Technology
Brain Kramak
Manager of Evaluation Services Charles 'Roger' Westgate
Professor and Director of CASP Piergiovanni Marzocca
Associate Professor David Gower
Project Manager - CeCeT Mark Coleman
Manager Technical Development
RIT Clean Energy Incubator Tall Tower Facility (TTF) CASP Solar Lab The Small Scale Systems Integration and Packaging (S³IP) Roll 2 Roll Facility FUTURE: Building Integrated Small Wind Test Port Solar PV Testing & Certification Lab Small Wind Testing & Certification Site Outdoor Solar PV Testing Facility (OTF) FUTURE: Thin Film Glass Project in conjunction with Corning and Alfred University FUTURE: Building Integrated Small Wind Testing Protocol Development Performance Measurment and Monitoring Project for NY State Small Wind Installations FUNDED FUNDED FUNDED FUNDED Wind Turbine Blade
Testing Facility (OTF) FUNDED FUTURE: Small Wind Testing Facility FUTURE: Solar / Wind Hybrid Project FUNDED FUNDED FUTURE: Solar Thermal Project FUTURE: Geothermal Project Performance Measurment and Monitoring Project for NY State Solar PV Installation FUNDED FUNDED FUNDED FUNDED FUNDED Please request by emailing:
david.gower@intertek.com Please request by emailing:
david.gower@intertek.com Please request by emailing:
david.gower@intertek.com Please request by emailing:
david.gower@intertek.com Please request by emailing:
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