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The boy who dared

No description

Jannell Aguirre

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of The boy who dared

Time line of the book
-October 27, 1947 Death Row Plootzee Prison Berlin, Germany, awaiting trial
.1928 Helmuth and Mutti are in Hamburg at a parade, Helmuth wants to be a solider
-He awaits the executioner, its just the guard
.January 30, 1933 Helmuth awais the broadcast, Hitler is announced the new chancellor of the Reich
.Jews are start receiving hatred, Helmuth doesn't think they should
.Books are being banned, Helmuth doesn't understand why
-Someone next to Helmuth's cell gets taken into the execution, where they pass away
.April 1935 Mutti has a new boyfriend named Hugo Hubener who is a coporal
.1937 Hugo has moved in, he moves Helmuth and his family to a new flat
.1938 Helmuth graduates from primary school and starts at the Oberbau
.Helmuth is starting to think that the Nazi are threatening
.1938 Helmuth joins the Hitler Youth
.1938 Jews begin to be segregated
. Helmuth and Rudi decide to go to the Gestapo to try and be detectives
-After exercise Helmuth cleans he thinks about the Gestapo interrogations

Letter to author
Dear, Susan Campbell Bartoleth
The boy who dared
The boy who

By: Susan Campbell Bartoleth
This book is a historical fiction, it is based on a true story.
Members of the project
Jannell Aguirre
Page Numbers
The page numbers for the reading content are 3-165.
Page numbers for the author's note are 167-174. Third Reich time line pages are 191-196.The bibliography and further reading page numbers are 199-202.

Helmuth Hubener
Third Reich Time Line
"1918: The Great War, later known as the First World War, ends (November).
1919: The Treaty of Versailles is signed (June).
1923: Adolf Hitler and his storm troopers are arrested, for attempting to overthrow the Reich (November)
1924: Hitler is found guilty of treason. From his jail cell, he pens a propagandistic and political autobiography, Mein Kampf. Hitler released from jail (December).
1925: Adolf Hitler begins to rebuild the Nazi Party (March).
1926: Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) officially formed.
1933: Hitler appointed chancellor (January).
1934: President Hindenburg dies and Hitler becomes Fuhrer (November).
1936: German troops reoccupy the Rhineland (March).
1938: Germany annexes Austria (March) and the Sudetenland (November).
. Nazi-orchestrated riots against Jews (Kristallnacht) take place all over Germany, killing 236 Jews; burning 1,300 synagogues; vandalizing and destroying more than 7,000 Jewish shops, businesses, schools, and private homes; and arresting more than 30,000 Jews, many never to be seen again. Two days later, the Nazis ordered the Jews to pay one billion Reichsmarks (about $400 million) as punishment for a Nazi officials death (November)."

The book starts off by telling how horrid his conditions in his prison cell are and why he's in there. He said he's in Plottezsee Prison in Berlin while he has flash backs of when he was younger and Hitler's rise to power. Towards the middle of the story Hitler is Germany's fuhrer and his plan to keep Germany out of war slowly starts to be abandoned and comes closer to the brink of war. Helmuth then starts to develop a strong dislike towards Hitler. Then as Helmuth is he starts to rebel against the Nazi and makes propaganda against them. He is then discovered and sent to prison where they interrogate him by torturing him. After he gives up Karl and Rudi's name he takes it upon him self to get most of the blame.. This book is in third person.
"1939: Germany annexes Czechoslovakia (March). Hitler and Stalin create the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact (August). Poland falls (September).First deportion of Jews to concetration camps in Poland (October).
1940: Germany conquers Denmark, Norway, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, and the Netherlands.
1941: Yugoslavia, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, and Romania join Nazis. Germany declares war on the U.S. (December).
1942: German army lays seige to Moscow and heads toward Leningrad (October).
1943: Germany suffers a major defeat at Stalingrad (January).
1944: Allied troops launch D-Day invasion (June)."
Ruddi Wobbe, Helmuth Guddat Hubener, and Karl-Heinz Schnibbe (1941)
Let it be known.
On 11 August, 1942, the People's Court sentenced 17-year-old Helmuth Hubener of Hamburg, to be stripped of his citizen's rights, and in addition, to death, because of his treasonous support of the enemy. His execution has been carried out today, the 27th of October, by the order of the chief attorney gereral of the People's Court.
I believe this book perfectly represents a true WW2 hero. Who captures the true meaning of defiance and bravery. I'm pleased to say I know the story of the boy who dared. Helmuth Hubener will forever be remembered for his brave actions, actions that no others would imagine to do at his time and at his age. This book has truly motivated me to want to know the stories of those who still remain unheard. I found a new profound appreciation for those who acted and survived WW2 .I will continue my search for more knowledge of those who lived through WW2. Your work and ability to capture people and what their thoughts and actions might have been is truly amazing. I hope you continue to write the stories of those who remain unheard. I would recommend this book to Mrs. Meadows, and anyone who is interested in WW2.
Sincerely, Your biggest fan
Hugo Hubener
.1938 Helmuth and Rudi never hear from the police again
-Helmuth is in his cell when he is told it's time
.Gerhard is being drafted in the Reich Labor Service
.Helmuth is starting to hate Hitler and the war
.Hitler is attacking more and more coutries
.Gerhard brings home a radio , Helmuth gets curious
-Helmuth tells lies as he writes his essays, he has a mind far beyond his years
.Helmuth turns on the the radio to the banned radio station knowing its against the law, he hears the truth
. Helmuth tells Rudi and Karl the truth and Helmuth decides to make pamplets informing everyone the truth by posting them every where he includes Werner
.Feburary 5 2:30 is taken away by an agent
-Helmuth makes the request to be able to write letters to his family
.Helmuth is arrested and put in trial where he takes all the blame knowing that it would cost him his life , October 27th 1942 he is execution at age 17 for his crimes
Hugo starts off in the book being Mutti's boyfriend, he is also a Rottenfuher. Helmuth doesn't like him but, has to deal with him as Hugo adopts him and marries Mutti.
Mutti Hubener
Mutti is the hard working single mother of Gerhard, Hans, and Helmuth. She loves her children but, follows Hugo's commands, she later on marries Hugo.
Helmuth Hubener
Helmuth is the main character he tells the struggles of living under Hitler's control. He decides to let the people know the truth realizing the consequences.
Gerhard is the second oldest of the Hubener brothers, he known to Helmuth as a "know it all". Gerhard is later drafted into the war when he comes back home he brings home a short wave radio that will change Helmuths life.
Karl-Heinz Schnibbe
Karl is one of Helmuth's friends. Like any good friend he warns Helmuth of the consequences of having such ideas and plans. But, like any friend he gives in and helps to make the pamphlets.
Oma & Opa
Physical description: Oma is short, aged, and with dark hair. Opa is tall, aged, and with white (facial) hair.
Character description: Both Oma and Opa are very caring they love and care for the children. They both strongly dislike Hitler.
Favorite Character:
My favorite character of the book is Helmuth. As I admire his bravery and his courage. These characteristics are rare for back then and even now. Helmuth is truly an inspirational person, as he stood for what he believed in and fought for it. His acts of courage will always be remembered.

Character relation:
I can relate to Karl the most. As, I try and do my best to help a friend in need. Even though I might think there idea is outrageous I would stick up for them.

Theme and Author's Purpose
The theme of the story is courage. As, Helmuth goes against Hitler using truth and conviction. Which no one at his time or of his age would ever attempt. Helmuth fights to tell the truth, the truth that Hitler has been hiding from Germany. Even when caught Helmuth shows courage by, taking all the blame. He shows many actions of courage throughout his life.

The author's purpose in this book was to inform the reader about the life of a young german boy who opposed Hitler.
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