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The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

No description

Dan B

on 2 November 2014

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Transcript of The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

Plot Summary
One day Trisha and her mom and brother decide to go on a walk through the woods. Her mother and her brother wouldn't stop arguing about the divorce and Trisha told them that she was stopping to go pee but they didn't hear her. She becomes lost in the woods all alone with no one to talk to as a 9 year old. She gets lost in the woods and as sun begins to fall she realized that she will have to survive off the little resources she had. She begins to imagine things such as her idol, Tom Gordon. Obviously, Trisha was imagining him but his faith in god helped her survive through the days. She discovers that there is a creature following her and she doesn't know what it could be. She needed to be strong, courageous, hopeful, smart, and even fearful to survive this. In the end she finds out that the creature is a bear but not just any bear, the god of the lost. She beat the bear and in the end brings her family closer together.
Historical information about the period of publication or setting of the novel:
Trisha lives in Maine and she goes on a 6 mile hike with her family. She goes off trail and is lost in the woods all by herself in 1991. She stays in the woods for a while but then finally finds a road where she doesn't know where it will lead her. She finds a man and he tells her that she is far north west from where she started. He calls the police and she is returned home. In 1991 no one really had a cell phone so she used her walkman to listen to the news. Steven King wrote this novel with Trisha living and it taking place in the same area that he lives.
Biographical information about the author:
Stephen king was born in Maine on September 21st, 1947. Stephen King currently lives in Maine or Florida with his wife and has 3 kids. He comes out with a new book almost every year and he has over 60 books in print. He is a graduate from the University of Maine and he wrote his first book Carrie in 1973. He is currently a New York Times
Bestselling author.

Characteristics of Horror
A good horror story is scary and is intended to scare or frighten the audience. A good horror novel can have you jumping in your seats as well as a scary movie can.
Memorable Quotes
The Girl Who loved Tom Gordon takes place in the 1990's in New England. Most of the story takes place in the woods that Trisha was lost in from the beginning. However, in a part of the story she mentioned that she was 400 miles south of Montreal. She also was on a road when she was found by a man. She was returned to her home.
Significance of the opening scene
The opening scene was when she was walking with her stubborn mother and brother that wouldn't stop arguing about the divorce. The narrator was discussing the divorce that happened which would lead to the main conflict. The main conflict could be considered in the opening scene and it is when Trisha had got lost in the woods.


Trisha's Mom

Trisha's Dad

Tom Gordon

The Bear


Travis Herrick

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
"The world had teeth and it could bite you with them anytime it wanted"
"It was like drowning, only from the inside out."
"I'm going to die in the woods."
"She was unaware that she was sobbing"
"Now back to the *****iest day a little girl ever had..."
This quote sums it up very well; Trisha was bitten by the world many times in this novel. She always faced conflict and it could be blamed on the world.
This is how Trisha felt almost all story. She was figuratively drowning in everything that she did. She was almost dead and there was a very low chance that she would survive but she did.
Trisha was thinking about giving up the entire novel. She didn't accept that she was going to die and she kept fighting. In the end she survived because of her determination.
She was completely vulnerable throughout the story but she stayed strong anyways. She could've easily just given up because she was a little girl but she didn't.
This quote shows how life was terrible in the woods but if you stayed strong you could accomplish anything.
Main Character

Trisha's brother

Trisha's Mom

Trisha's Dad

Trisha's hope

Follows Trisha

Trisha's Best friend


Role in Story
She was lost in the woods and stayed strong and survived.

He was arguing with Trisha's mom about the divorce.

She was arguing with Pete about the divorce

She talks about how her father changed since the divorce.

He is Trisha's idol and she sees him in dreams over the story.

Trisha is scared of him throughout the story but faces her fears.

Trisha flashes back to what she and Pepsi do throughout the story.

He shoots the bear that is about to attack Trisha

Strong, Smart, Vulnerable, Caring

Stubborn, Non-Understanding

Stubborn, Mean

Caring, Divorced

Handsome, Good Player, Skilled, Smart

Scary, Creepy, Stalking

Friendly, Caring, Kind

Backwoods, Hillbilly, Brave

Symbols or Motifs
One symbol in The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon was her walkman. Her connection to the outside world could symbolize hope or life. Another symbol was her red sox cap that was signed by Tom Gordon. That was a symbol of her identity of herself it was the last piece of her old self left. The final symbol was the bear claw marks of the bear. I believe that those marks symbolized how death was almost upon her throughout the story and she had to fight back and hope that she would survive.
Significance of the ending / closing scene
The significance of the ending scene was her family was finally back together and she was finally "alive" again her family was always growing apart and weren't how a true family was supposed to be. Since she was reunited with them they began to appreciate family more and realized the importance of family. Trisha was finally happy again and she was smiling. In the words of the narrator her game was over.
Possible Themes
There are many possible themes of The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. Man vs. Nature can be considered a main theme. Trisha struggled throughout the entire story trying to survive in the woods with what little resources she had or that she could harvest. Another possible theme could be the fear of failure. Throughout the novel Trisha had to stay strong but the other side of her was telling her that she was going to fail. Therefore, Trisha feared the failure of not surviving in the woods. Another major theme in this book is Heroism is important; throughout the novel Trisha saw her hero, Tom Gordon. Tom Gordon was a hero to her; he led her and was her guide or "Guardian Angel" as some people call it. He was a hero to Trisha and that helped her survive in the woods. The final theme was reunion. Trisha's family was always apart and not close like a family should be. After her getting found after being lost in the woods they began to appreciate each other and that's why a major theme is reunion.
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