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Copy of Grademark

Showing how we use grademark as part of assessment management process to the Turnitin users group in Birmingham, Feb 2011.

Cath Ellis

on 7 September 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Grademark

Pilot eMarking Quicker
Safer Easier
Safer Automation
common comments
return to students Commenting on
'what' not
'how' Lighter Backed up plagiarism
checked Submit from home
No printing
No handwriting to interpret Can go through
feedback and
digest mark in
private More detail
Clearer Integration Fix mistakes

More detail eSubmission administration
and teaching roles
clear Plagiarism
checking paper or
eMarking all
nothing First year only
Roll out
Opt out to opt in Proof of receipt Work Flow marker 1 marker 2 external archive admin marker 1 marker 2 external Diagnostic SMS SMS Archive Cath Ellis
cathellis13.blogspot.com Typing faster than writing

Simultaneous moderation Simultaneous originality checking Automatic grammar, spelling and punctuation student perceptions of course management job satisfaction for administrative staff facing crisis as opportunity radical change agility pedagogical administrative Work Flow Visual See:
what isn't working
duplication of effort
unnecessary processes culture of questioning Change Giving academics reason to change Take work off them Team work Administrative skills Academic judgement
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