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International Marketing Sephora

Fathi HAMMANE, CARSWELL Charlotte, GARO Benjamin

RemiSamb yougo

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of International Marketing Sephora

CEO: Christophe de Lapuente
Social capital : 78 millions €
Turnover: 2,8 billion €
25 000 employees (4695 in France)
Headquarters: Boulogne-billancourt
Products : perfumes and cosmetics
Shops in the world : 1700
Belongs to LVMH group

Products & Service
Sephora attracted customers by offering a dedicated space to the beauty where are proposed a large range of differents luxury brands.

The customers can find the rarest and most original brand , the most classic or still the most famous.

Sephora is a full range of bath products, skincare, makeup, accessories and fragances to meet th needs and desires of all.
Project implantation Startegy
Sephora is not yet established in South Africa
Why Johannesburg?
In order to succed in its implantation, Sephora has to adapt its retailers brand to the population characteristics and environment.
South African customers are very bound to their origins, cultural context and environment.
Sephora has to take in consideration the current trend of consumption of South Africa population
Sephora has developped its own brand of products = More accessible
We don't sell only products, but beauty advices too
The first economy in Africa
We will hire South African experts in order to benefit of their extremly good knowledges
To be more profitable :
Use local industry and implant a factory
The largest city in South Africa
One of the 50 largest urban agglomerations in the world

Demand for cosmetic products and services has increased
Marketing Analysis

Natural Products
Cosmetics and frangrances sold in retail store

Barriers of entry

Image of brand internationnally known
Organisation and Logistics
Width of Ranges
Direct & Indirect Competition
Qualitative competitors :
Drugstores, supermarkets and local perfumeries
Direct Competition :
Metropolitain Cosmetics, beauty warehouse
Marketing Segmentation
Target is woman between the age of 18 to 60 years old
Belonging to a middle or upper classes
Second target : Men between 20 and 55 years old
Marketing Mix
Unique Selling Position :


Adaptation to the black and colored population

Own brand products

Customer services Quality

Store presentation


Promotion Mix :
60% of direct marketing
30% of advertising
10% of Public Relations
Product :
30% of the offer mix, Sephora's product
35% of luxurious brands
35% makeup adapted to the racial makeup of the market - black Makeup-
Price :
15% of service quality with salespersons follow customers
15% of physical attributes with good product quality
Placement :
Johannesburg, Sandton
'Super Rich'
The wealthiest in the country
Strong Purchasing power

Marketing Strategy
Open a Sephora flagship store, a new modern concept store

In the Down Town, most prestigious mall in South Africa

Based on two levels

Offering all products, 40 + brands and Sephora's own range

photo sandton city mall
Main Cooperative Bodies
Cooperation with the Sandton City Mall

Cooperation with Metropolitan Cosmetics
Direct competitor
Shops in the same area
Different type of customers
Combination of our strategies to attract new ones
More choice in Sephora
More selective products like biological
Marketing activities
Sephora will sell its own brand to keep advantage to its competitors
Focus on seasonal promotion Christmas, Mothers Day
Sampling to customers

Advertising campaigns on TV, Magazines, posters
Street Marketing before the openning
Launching Night on 8th of August
Promotion and reduction on the opening day
Marketing Promotion
Special Beauty Workshop
Free gifts with every basket over 60€
Loyalty Cards
Word of mouth
Point of sale materials
Magazines, newspapers
Social Networks
Emailing campaigns
Marketing Control
Control Bodies
Meetings between Marketing Manager and regional Manager every 3 months, regarding marketing action plans

Control Tools
Surveys will be conducted to study customer satisfaction
Orally, questionnaires, emailing
Sales promotion activities
Store Manager have to submit monthly reports

Control by Milestones
Special offers in weekends
Launching of new products
Presence on the different saloon Fashion Fair in the country between March and August

Official partner of the Fashion Week from 18 to 22 March 2015 as official makeup artist
1 million people

The wealthiest in the country

Population purchasing power
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