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David Bowie

No description

Dan Foden

on 17 September 2016

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Transcript of David Bowie

The Chameleon of Pop
David Bowie
Early Career
David Jones. Stage name Davy Jones.
Studied art, music and design
Started as saxophone player and became a songwriter.
Early singles rooted in psychedelia, theatre and music hall.
No early commercial success.
The 1970s
Bowie's most prolific period and musically successful era
Space Oddity 1969 - The year of the moon landings.
A girlfriend recalled his "scrawling notes on a cocktail napkin about a crazy rock star named Iggy or Ziggy", and on his return to England he declared his intention to create a character "who looks like he's landed from Mars"
Life on Mars - 1971 (Album - Hunky Dory)
Golden Years - Live on 'Soul Train' 1975
Cocaine addiction
Move to Berlin - Hansa Studios
Influence of the German music scene - Krautrock
Writing and producing for Iggy Pop
Successful albums released to critical acclaim
Kraftwerk - Tomorrow's World (1975)
Iggy Pop - Lust For Life
The Berlin Trilogy:
Low 1976
Heroes 1977
Lodger 1979
Working with Brian Eno:
Ambient sounds and electronics
'Half songs'
Heroes - 1977
A New Career in a New Town - 1976
1980s - Mainstream commercial success
Ashes to Ashes - 1980
Following this 'selling out' Bowie's music took a turn for the worse.
1997 - Little Wonder
The 1990s - Experiments in Dance music, particularly drum and bass
Black music influences
Soul, Funk (Plastic Soul or Blue Eyed Soul)
Omikron - Computer game soundtracking
Heathen - Return to band set up, but with lots of electronic production
1967 - Maid Of Bond Street
Speed of Life - Live 1976
Where Are We Now? 2013
Little Drummer Boy
1970 - The Man Who Sold The World
1981 - Let's Dance (Produced by Nile Rogers)
2014 - David Bowie Is - V&A Exhibition
1971 - Starman - Top of the Pops
1961 - Space Oddity
1967 - Sexual Offenses Act - England and Wales
Homosexual acts between two men in private were legalised.
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