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Escape The fate!!!!!!!

No description

miguel joseph

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Escape The fate!!!!!!!

Double click anywhere & add an idea He is ETF's guitarist Escape The Fate!!!!! Max Green Max Green Before Now He is ETF's drummer Craig Mabbit present vocalist Monte Money Max Green Bass Guitarist Ronnie Radke previous vocalist Robert Ortiz he is peruvian can do the sweep on the guitar he is german and caucasian he is christian and believes in karma'people say that he is good hearted. he is familiar with the dark side so he can appreciate the light side inspiration is lars ulrich, the drummer from mettalica he is hispanic he is spanish and irish born in glendale arizona used to be in the band bless the fall in a new band called falling in reverse caucasian Their first album,dying is your latest fashion was released in 2006
The band was first formed in 2004 their second album,this war is ours was debuted in 2008 with their nw singer craig mabbit and they sold 13,000 CD's in just the first week Ronnie was kicked out of ETF because of his drug addiction used to have a pianist,Carson Allen but he left to join a new band called on the last day after Ronnie was kicked out, Craig took his place as escape the fate's singer ETF is making a new album and they played one for a concert as a surprise
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