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'Balgo' Year 7 House Presentation

No description

Elise Newham

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of 'Balgo' Year 7 House Presentation

What do the buzzing bees on the balgo crest symbolise?
What do the letters RSM stand for?
They stand for the
'Religious Sisters of Mercy' (the nuns that started the school house of Balgo
Balgo's motto is 'Wanan Biri'

This means sharing our love, our friendship, our time, our talents and our ___________
They symbolise the 'buzz' given by helping and assisting people
Wanan Biri: Sharing our love, our friendship, out talents, our time
and our possesions
An aboriginal community lived in WA. What does this have to do with Balgo's name?
The name of the aboriginal community was Balgo (RSM helped them).
The sandy desert of WA is represented by what part of Balgo's crest?
The black sun in the middle
If you needed to talk to the Balgo house co-ordinator, whose office would you go to?
Ms Adams' office
Balgo is involved in many charities- One is coming up in August: What is it's name?
Daffodil Day!
And last of all...
Who is the best house?
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