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Steps In The Hiring Process

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Walter May

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Steps In The Hiring Process

Steps In The Hiring Process The Supervisor Hires Someone He/She Knows The Supervisor Hires Someone A Co-Worker Knows As A Last Resort, The Position Is Advertised In The Newspaper. Employers usually like to employ people they know. This then removes the necessary step of interviewing the person, because they know each other. Also, they can avoid spending money on advertisment because they have a potential employee staring them in the face. This is the most preferred method for the employer. This is also the easiest way to get hired. Human Resources Recruits By Calling A Public or Private Employment Agency. 90% of people will most likely look in the newspaper for job openings if they cannot meet up with the managers in person. This, however, causes more labor for the person trying to find work. If Human Resources can't find a person to take a spot , they search into existing files. They will not advertise the job on the newspaper otherwise it would be too costly for the department . Instead of all that trouble , they call an agency where there are public employment services or training programs, because it would be easier than spending a load of money . The Supervisor Informs Human Resources Of An Opening And They Recruit From Their Files Of Past Applicants First, a supervisor will hire someone they know. If he/she can't hire someone they know, he/she will hire someone a co-worker knows. Hiring someone an employee knows can prevent problems involving hiring and choosing applicants. Walter May, Elizabeth Vargas, Anthony Garcia, Angela Maximo, and Anthony Gonzalez
Period5 When a supervisor can't find a person to hire on their own or from a associate, then a staff member who is working at the moment is involved for help. Usually, advertisement isn't required for hiring. Neither is any employment outside the company. It is quick and easy for the company or business to simply call anyone who has applied for the job anytime before.
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