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Introduction to Salesforce Functionality

No description

Scout Sanders

on 20 July 2015

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Transcript of Introduction to Salesforce Functionality

Introduction to Salesforce Functionality
What is Salesforce?
Salesforce is an online database that we use to...
Keep track of our data and processes
Communicate with our stakeholders
Communicate internally
What makes it special?
Salesforce not only keeps track of
it keeps track of
It's also
live updating
...so that all EP staff can be on the
same page at the same time
So what kind of data does it hold?
First off, let's learn some

you'll need to really understand Salesforce

Basic Terminology
A Field
Stores a specific piece of information about a Record
A Record
An Object
Stores information for a specific piece of data
For example, data about people is stored in the Contact object
Why would we want different objects?
For instance, we need to know different pieces of information about an organization than a person
Stores information about a specific object
For example, the Scott Morgan Contact record stores information specific to Scott Morgan
How many records do we have in Salesforce?
Over 50,000 Contact records alone...
and almost a million total records!
For example, the "Name" field on the Contact Record stores lets us know that person's name.
So how does this look in the system?
Now how can I find the data I need?
There are a few ways...
Now what if I want to edit a record?
Here's how!
So we've been talking a lot about data, what about the other ways that we use Salesforce?
Sounds good. Let's talk about how we use Salesforce to communicate.
We can use Salesforce to send an email to anyone in our system
External Communication
We can send emails to contacts individually to thousands of people at a time!
Internal Communication
Salesforce Chatter is an internal social network - just for EP staff!
So now you know the basics of Salesforce...where should you go if you have questions?
Next Stop
Next Stop
Last Stop
First Stop
Salesforce Office Hours
The Business Operations Team hosts Salesforce office hours every other week.
Ask a Power User
Salesforce Power Users are staff who work extensively with Salesforce
Contact the Business Operations Team
Scout Sanders
Salesforce Resource Center on Walter
What's on there....?
A library of short demo videos
Training guides and cheat sheets
Overviews of permissions and policies
Come join to ask a question or discuss a Salesforce issue!
You can find a list of Power Users on the Salesforce Resource Center
...there could very well be one on your team!
Associate, Business Operations
Skype: scout.sanders
You have completed your introductory Salesforce functionality training!
Are you ready to put your knowledge to the test?
Take the quiz!
Information about...
Fellowship Applicants
Potential Projects
...and more!
URL to Resource Center:
Link to Quiz:
Now how can I find the data I need?
There are a few ways...
Use a list view
Now how can I find the data I need?
There are a few ways...
Use a list view
Use a report
More to come in Reports trainings...
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