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Urbanization in TX

How we went from ranches to cities

Collin Fletcher

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Urbanization in TX

Urbanization in Texas:
Ranches to Cities urbanization: the movement of people from rural to urban lifestyles the Civil War ends the South is destroyed But Texas is left pretty much alone we survive thanks to cotton, corn, and cattle. new technology comes our way the telegraph allows messages to be sent to distant places within seconds. the railroad allows goods and people to be shipped quickly. towns are built along tracks more people start to move to Texas looking for land. they settle where they can afford to: the Western Frontier Braving Indian attacks, isolation, and starvation But eventually, the Indians are removed, and Texas becomes a safer place to live. Many Texans rely on ranching as their livelihood. cattle drives bring Texas beef to northern railroads. but barbed wire puts an end to the open range. unable to sell cattle at higher northern prices, many small ranchers go broke. towns which bring more people. by 1900, Texas has become a cosmopolitan hotspot. Galveston was the biggest city in Texas with a population of 37,000 residents. but disaster struck when a hurricane leveled the city-- killing an estimated 8,000 residents. but, shortly after this disaster, a game changer occurs at a sleepy town named Spindletop. Ranchers who invested in oil became millionaires overnight. and cities began to boom as oil was discovered throughout the state. aside from huge profits, oil gave us..... electricity cars gasoline airplanes industry and an overwhelming majority of oil came from Texas. making us one of the richest places (state or country) on Earth. as cities grew, life became more convenient. and the children of farmers sought a less back-breaking way of making a living by moving to cities. So, in conclusion: Ranches and split up their ranches into smaller farms. ad campaigns bring in small farmers to lease the land,
but they found it to be a tough way to make a living. become several small farms technology creates towns which bring people turning towns into cities then OIL changes everything and Texas becomes a world-class place to work and live. welcome to the 20th Century.
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