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Blanche Stuart Scott

No description

RJ Scott

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Blanche Stuart Scott

Glenn Curtiss Flying Academy
Blanche didn't want to work as a sales person at all. but, when she saw a flyer for Glenn Curtiss Flying Academy, she was all ready for a new career and adventure. But sadly, at that time woman was not that respected as our time so she was always doubted.Especially Glenn Curtiss himself! He would always so go back to cleaning to house. But, withn Blanche's sprit and courage, she was finally to get Glenn's respect and was taught by Glenn.
Amazing Achievement
When the Academy herd what happened, they all believed in her and built her a plane ( with help of professional plane builders) . Then Blanche hopped into he plane and then she flew off into the sky and becamed the first woman in america and was the daredevil in the air!
Sad News
Beginning of the famous Tomboy
Blanche Stuart Scott was born in a time were women was suppose to do all of the house chores. But, Blanch was never into that stuff and was interested in stunts or tricks. Mostly thing woman were supposed not to do. But then an event happened that help her get a job.
Blanche 's father bought her a car and Blanche was a driving nousiance and almost destroyed the whole town. So, the community had to tell Blanche's father and he had to buy a driving instructer.
Born: April 4, 1886
Lived(Born in): Rochester, New York
Jobs: Travel Sales Person and Pilot
Education: Only Glenn Curtiss Flying School. No info on what schools she went to as a child.
Died: January 12, 1970
Blanche Stuart Scott
Created by: RJ Scott

Father's Biggest Mistake
Blanche's father was a very rich man would always give Blanche what she needed for her stunts.( Job that the father had is unknown) But, when Blanche was trying to do a stunt on t.v., which acquiredher to have a bike. She tried to do the stunt, it didn't go so well and she broke her bike. When she asked her father a new one, her father said no because he had already bought her 7, in one month! So he bought her a new car...
Traveling Buisness Woman
As, Blache grew older, she got a job as a car sales person. But then she wanted to to show the whole world that woman shoukd be able to drive and be independent. So, with the help her of her rich father, she was able to travel all around the U.S.
Sadly on January 12, 1970. Blanche Staurt Scott died. But, she was put in the famous woman of america muesem and was remember there.
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