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Maslow and the Hierarchy of Human Needs

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Laila Gyftakis

on 14 September 2013

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Transcript of Maslow and the Hierarchy of Human Needs

Physiological Needs
The most urgent basic elements needed for survival.

- Food
- Shelter
- Clothes
Safety Needs
We seek a sense of security
and stability.

- Safety
- Protection
- Security
Involves feelings of affection.

- Family
- Community
- A clan
- A gang
- Friendships

Self-Esteem Needs
Belongingness and Love
4a - Respect from others

Public recognition & acclaim
4b- Self Respect & Feelings
about the Self

A sense of competence
Self confidence
- Respect
- Esteem
- Approval
- Dignity
- Self Respect
Deficit Needs
Deficit Needs
Being Needs
Being Needs
Cognitive Needs
Aesthetic Needs
- Justice
- Goodness
- Truth
- Symmetry
- Order
- Beauty

- Knowledge
- Understanding
- Exploration
Freedom for the fullest development of one's talents and capacities, or the achievement of ones full potential.
Moving beyond the self, to help others find self fulfillment and achieve their full potential.
Only a small percentage of individuals - Less than 1% of adults - truly reach the seventh and eighth levels of development.
I believe that human activity is motivated by an urge to satisfy a set of basic needs and growth needs.
Let me show you...
Abraham Maslow
Maslows Ideas in the Classroom
When's Recess?
5 minutes
You said that 5 minutes ago!
How much is the pie in the canteen?
I like π
- Each of you will be given a character with little or no description.
- Identify the level you are at on the Hierarchy.
- Provide a way to satisfy that need.
*Can be applied to education.

* Attention is on student’s basic needs, the affective or emotional aspects of their development and on motivation rather than academic achievement.
* The sequence of Maslow’s human needs does not always apply (The example of the Hero).

* Vagueness of terms such as ‘self-actualisation’ and the uncertainty of measuring its achievement.
Strengths and Limitations

The Hero
Hierarchy of Human Needs
In this case, the hero's need for self-actualisation is stronger than his more basic need for safety.
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