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Create Your Own Business Project

The Blend

Jenny Han

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Create Your Own Business Project

As a combined café and restaurant, we double the enjoyment. Not many combined cafés are found, especially in Victoria. The café and restaurant will be separated by a wall and a beaded curtain. Our products are quaint and is reasonably priced. We will sell all sorts of to-go bakery goods in the café component of our store.In addition, free Wi-Fi will be offered with a purchase of any drink or meal from either components of our store. The café has a cozy, welcoming feel yet it is still modernized to draw in both the young and the elderly.

The restaurant presents home style cooking. We make comfort food and kick it up a notch. It is modern, cool, and classy yet child friendly. With the relaxing atmosphere we attract university & high school students as well as families. We also provide a kids menu for children 10 & under. There are many deals and combos for good prices.
Business Hours:
Restaurant: 12PM-11PM Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat.
12PM- 9PM Sun.

Café: 9AM-7PM, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat.
11AM- 6PM Sun.
Our choice of location is Uptown. There are many clothing stores but formal restaurants and professional coffee shop are harder to find.

Amount of Employees:
4 Baristas, 2 chefs, 4 cooks, 8 servers, 1 manager.

Baristas – Make/Serve Drinks, Pastries and Breakfast, Clean up café half when closed, work at register.

Chefs – Cook meals, and specialties

Cooks- Assist in cooking, and clean kitchen

Servers – Serve food, 2 at front desk, Care for reservations, and clean up restaurant half.

Why We Guarantee Success:
NewSpaper Advertisment
ALL holidays but Canada Day.
Starbucks, Noodle Box, Sizzling Tandoor, Good Earth Cafe, Erito Sushi
3531 Blanshard Street
Uptown Boulevard
The Blend
Bussiness Cards
Company Postcards
Special Document
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