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How Bad Is Bullying Did You Know?

No description

Yuheng Rong

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of How Bad Is Bullying Did You Know?

First Friend
I am Jingjing Lin and this is my bestie Penny Chen and Adeline Yen. They helps me, when I was bullied by Claudia Thompson, Connor Stewart and Tamika Martin. This is only autobiography of my friends, family and my worst enemies. Rosemary Middle School was a battle field in my mind and I will never forget.
* * * * * *
When, its my first day of Rosemary Middle School. I followed Penny all day long. At lunchtime, we first meet the school-captain and also a SRC, her name is Adeline Yen. "Did yours want to be my bestie?" Adeline asked hopefully, because she always sit in a quiet corner at recess or lunch, to work on her favorite things. " Yes, Yes...... Could we? We did love to." Penny and I answered excitingly and we a big smile hang on our faces.
* * * * * *
"Hey, u fat head! Come over here!" said Connor and Claudia with a strong Irish accent. "Stay here Jingjing. They'll punch in the head and tell the teacher that the opposite." said Adeline in chinese with a few experience from Jade Norris and Andrew Norris. "HEY! You newbie, don't listen to a weirdo. Just here for sec.." said Tamika (Jade and Andrew's cousin) with a strong Japanese accent. "Who the hell is yelling! Stand up, please." Miss Panscott said unhappily. Just then, everyone point to me and my two bestie as well. Then, someone yelled "It's Jingjing Lin, she is a dumbo who comes from stupid China!". "Jingjing stand up. Go to the timeout room, now!" Miss Panscott said angrily.
* * * * * *
The timeout chair is so far from the classroom, it's in a very dark room with scary sound, that was how Adeline told me. I was scare when I was outside the big door. "aaaaargh!" screamed Tamika. "That is not scared, I saw you followed me out the classroom." replied I with a big smile hang on my face and Tamika rolled her eyes, then walked toward the playground. Then, I open the door and went in....................................
Unlucky First Day Of School
The timeout chair was pretty quiet, there was no noise at all. It makes me sleepy, I lay comfortable on the couch and fall in a sleep, until someone went in. "Hey, Jingjing are you, OK? It's home time."said Penny in chinese and already hugging me as I was suddenly dead and alive again. "Where is Adeline?" I asked. "Oh! She have some explaining to do." answered Penny "She just hate Claudia, Connor and Tamika. Let's go home, now!".
* * * * * *
"Hey, Jingjing Lin. Let's go to buffet to have a dinner. John book it for us already." said mum in chinese excitingly and nearly jump up. "mum, may I go to Penny's house instead of go to buffet?" asked I angrily. "Love, that's alright. Make sure you remembered all the rules that I teach you, Please!" said mum that embarrassed me already. "Ok, um...... Bye." said I and already dragged Penny out of the situation. Penny's house is just a crossed road from the front office.
* * * * * *
On our way to Penny's house, a big sliver car parked beside us with a person yelled "Quick ,Jingjing get on with your friends. I'll call their parents later, let's go to the buffet to have a dinner.". Alright that was my dad Kade and his girlfriend Tayla, the beautifulest model in Brazil, America. "Dad tha-" dad doesn't let I finish the sentence and he said "Come on babe, Penny and your(Adeline) want come?". "OK?" Penny and I answered sadly, but Adeline seem to be excited. Anyway, we all come in and sit down next to Tayla. 15 minutes later at a traffic light, "Dad......." I said. "What's that, love?" answered dad, "Um...um...um" I mumbled. 5 minutes later, "Dad is that mum and John are going to the buffet, tonight." I said quickly and yelled "DAD WATCH OUT THE BABY". " What?" asked dad. "the baby" cried Tayla and nearly cried out. "Baby? WOOSH!" yelled dad.
* * * * * *
Then, dad get of the car and take the baby to the hospital and recognize that was my sister, Jasmine. Who was looks after by my grandma, because mum and dad don't like girls, except for clever girls like me. "Are you alright Jasmine? Nooooo-" yelled grandma stressful. That's how my beloved grandma and sister died, but it stops dad and Tayla going to the buffet.
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