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"Power Up" for Student Learning

No description

Angela Daley

on 16 August 2018

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Transcript of "Power Up" for Student Learning

Welcome Back to School
"Paving the Road to Student Success"
2018 - 2019

Mrs. Daley

Experience: Taught 8th grade in Etiwanda School District for 16 years & taught 4th grade in Fontana Unified School District for 6 years - 22nd year teaching!
Married for 18 years - Mark - works at Apple
Daughter - Claire - starting her 9th grade year at LOHS this year!!!
Hobbies - Reading, Coffee, Knitting, Crochet, Quilting, and Jewelry Making
Pets - Two Crazy Cats and an Old Pomeranian
Welcome Parents
Welcome to the Wonders of 8th Grade!
Tonight's Goals:
To understand the work your child will be doing throughout the school year in Social Studies and Language Arts
To explain our expectations of your child this school year
To share information about how you can support your child's learning

Grading and
Grading Weights:
Homework: 10%
Classwork: 20%
Quizzes / Projects: 30%
Tests/Quizzes: 40%
Thursday Folders - completed and graded work, as well as school announcements.
All completed work should be kept until the close of each trimester in the event there is a discrepancy in the grade book.
Please look for these folders every Thursday! The folders need to be returned the next morning (Friday).
Thank You So Much
for Being Here!

Please remember fill in communication information on kanley.org

Fill out and return the last 2 pages of the Back to School packet!

See you Monday morning!
It is a Minimum Day!

Assigned Monday through Friday and includes about 30 minutes per subject. This
doesn't include assigned reading or unfinished classwork.
Assignments are posted in class and on
Students have 1 week after their return from an absence to make up missed work. After 1 week work is marked as a "0".
Projects may be turned in up to 5 days late, with a 10% grade reduction per day.

Suggested Supplies:
For Each Student
• Pencils, pencils, & more pencils! (Mechanical pencils work best)
• Several non-erasable red, green, or blue pens (for
correcting assignments in class) and gel pens or markers for Interactive Notebook
• Three Ring Binder with dividers
• Loose leaf paper (college rule)
• Graph paper
• Highlighters
• 2 Spiral notebooks (Larger sized notebooks -
SINGLE SUBJECT NOTEBOOK - ones that you can paste a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet(the Mead Five Star works very well). You will only need 2 notebooks to start off the year but, you might want to purchase additional spiral notebooks while they are on sale! Keep extras at home)
• Small, self-contained pencil sharpener
• 3 or 4 Dry erase markers & eraser
• 3 x 5 index cards (for Greek & Latin Roots &
Algebra vocabulary)
• Plastic Page Protectors- for important papers
For Classroom :
For classroom donation:
Kleenex, hand soap, disinfectant wipes
• Bags of candy/tubs of licorice
• Glue sticks / tape

For Students to Use in Class
• Colored pencils, markers, gel pens & crayons
• Ear “buds” or headphones - to use with Chromebooks - inexpensive!
PACK Planners - Record homework and any other important information provided by the teacher.
One way to play an active role in your student’s education is to check your student’s PACK Planner against your student’s completed homework nightly, to see that all assignments have been accurately completed on time.
Kanley.org -
Homework updated daily
ELA Resources
Social Studies Resources (lesson prezis, review games)
Textbook Links
Other helpful links
Key Shifts for the Common Core (CCSS):
Regular practice with complex texts and academic language

Reading, writing, and speaking grounded in evidence from texts, both literary and informational

Building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction
Study Sync - McGraw Hill
Texts - available
- adding new ones everyday
4 Units - Suspense, In Time of War, A Moral Compass, The Civil War
- Current Events - 140 characters only
Rich Multimedia
- entice students
Mobile App
- students can download the text onto personal device
Language Arts
Social Studies
Glencoe American History to World War 1
17 Chapters, 2-5 lessons each
Lesson: Guided Reading Activity, Daily Quiz, lecture, PowerPoint (online), study guide/notes
Interactive Notebook
Projects: roughly one per chapter

Parent Student
Info Packet
Please review all information.
Sign and return the last two pages only.
classroom policies
Movie Release
Cheating / Plagiarism Form
Accelerated Reader Policy
Aeries SIS Mobile Portal

• Colored pens, markers, gel pens, colored pencils, crayons
• Hole punch
• Fine tip Sharpie markers
• Calculator
• Stapler
• Box / Folder / Container to store corrected work
For At Home:
IXL online
Literature Circles :
Students read and meet with their peer group at least once a week.
Greek and Latin Roots:
5 terms per week, 5-step activity, flashcards, quiz
Daily Warm-Ups:
to be completed during homeroom daily; due Friday
Language Arts
Parent Conferences are Sept. 24th - 28th
Welcome Parents!

While you are waiting please use a Chromebook to:
complete the district survey
go to kanley.org and enter your contact information for School Messenger App, The Aeries SIS Mobile Portal, Missing Work Email, and S'More Newsletter
Preview tonight's presentation by using the QR codes provided!

8th Grade - A Time of Change
Achievement is enhanced when a partnership exists between parents, teachers, and students.

Grade book or grading issue, please have your student speak to the teacher first.

Self advocacy = students experience a conflict resolution process with a teacher.

Teacher can (often) make the correction when the student is right there.

Please have your student contact your student’s teacher before or after class.

Of course, if you have questions or concerns at any time throughout the year, please contact - email is usually the fastest way to get in touch with the teachers.
2 Absences Per Month x 9 Months of School = Less
Likely to Graduate from High School

On-time attendance is critical to their success in school.
Student is considered chronically absent if they miss only two days of school per month!
Every minute matters. 10 minutes late to school each day, this adds up to missing more than 33 hours of class time.
It adds up - A student with a 90 percent attendance average for Kindergarten through 12th grade will miss over a year of accumulated time in the classroom.
Absences Add UP
ABC Chart!
First column = number of
days the student was absent
Second column =
number of
times the student
was tardy
Third column =
number of
times the student
was late
Fourth column =
percentage of
days student has
attended school.
Even More About
Discussion and classroom interaction can not be made up if a student is absent - please try to be in school!!!
Students responsible for making up all work missed.
Check www.kanley.org (our website), the assignments posted on our classroom whiteboard, and the “Absent Work” trays to get all necessary work.
Absent work may be collected by the student when they return from their absence, we don't send up absent work to be picked up at office
Students have one week from their date of return to school (this includes a weekend to insure students have time to make up their missing work).
Students must schedule a time before or after school within a week of a missed test or quiz, as these cannot be completed in class.
Late Work
Homework is due FIRST THING in the morning

Work not turned in during homeroom class is late work!
Teachers review homework to help guide the day’s lessons
Late or tardy students need to turn in work due as soon as they arrive to class
Insures that students don’t try to complete their homework in their first or second period classes.
We do this to prepare your student for high school; not to be a pain in the patoot!

Students usually forget an assignment once or twice per trimester

Homework is weighted as 10% of their grade.

Time when students are learning executive skills, such as folder organization

Part of our “growth mindset” view of middle school.
Late Homework Will Not Be Accepted
No Name Papers
Found in the “No Name” area
Claimed for a 70% maximum grade
Encourage students to look for "No Name" papers if they are missing work
QR code of
this presentation
QR code to kanley.org
Long term / high stakes (meaning worth lots of points) assignments will be accepted late 10% penalty per day.

Some students are suddenly struck terribly ill when a major group project or high stakes project is due, to help make sure that ALL students have the same amount of time to complete an assignment we have implemented the policy that these projects are due whether or not the students are in class.

Please support us with this policy by dropping off these assignment to the office that day or having your child email or post their assignment to the teacher.

Again, this makes us sound like cantankerous teachers, but in reality it makes sure our students are in class and receiving important instruction and everyone has the same amount of time to complete a project or assignment!!!
High Stakes Assignments
QR Code - Back to School
Back to School
Step by Step Directions
for ESD Apps and Portals!
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