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You Can Earn $13,000/Year

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Kristin Caton

on 15 February 2015

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Transcript of You Can Earn $13,000/Year

You Can Earn $13,000 per
Year Selling Your Waste

Read the article for more information
Let's Look at the Numbers
And yes, they pay for healthy poop: $40 a sample, with a $50 bonus if you come in five days a week. That's $250 for a week of donations, or $13,000 a year.
Let's Write an Equation
Use the data from the previous slide. Write an equation for providing any number of samples every day for a 5-day work week.
Now, solve the equation.
Let's say you made $450 that week. How many samples did you provide?

Using the chart
on the previous slide,
is the data showing a
constant rate of
proportionality? If yes,
what is the constant rate
of change of poop?
Accelerated Only....

Cryogenics is the study of the production and behavior of materials at very low
temperatures, below −150 °C. This is one
way human waste is stored and shipped.
How many degrees is that in degrees
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