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Blended and Mobile

Using technology to inspire learning in a tough economy.

Willie Maritz

on 8 July 2015

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Transcript of Blended and Mobile

The Role of Mobile Learning
in Organisations The Mobile Learning Toolbox Prezi Overview: Blended Learning Mobile Learning The Guru's Prezi CAN do bullets ;-) Trends in Learning Some info from Chief Learning Officer's
Business Intelligence Board Survey: in last 18 months: Classroom Decreased by 42%!!!!! Asynchronous eLearning Increased by 47% Synchronous eLearning Increased by 38% Web2.0 The Audience is Taking to The Stage! For the sceptics: Will they do it? The evidence is in People want to social,
network, be recognised. From Expensive to Free...??? Open Source Proprietory Software Limited Capability Free Asynchronous
Individual Synchronous
Group Low Tech High Tech Class CD/DVD Media Online Package Blogs Wiki's Mobile Package Mobile Collaboration Virtual Classroom 3D Simulations eMail Digital Knowledge
Documents Chat Rooms The Medium Selection Matrix Online Package Mobile
Package Discussion Forum Chat Room / Learning Wiki Will The HRD Practitioner Survive? NO! ...not unless we learn how to: Consult with clients about relevent business learning requirements Properly analyse target audiences, contexts etc. Know the
"ART OF THE POSSIBLE" Know when, where and which
technologies to apply. Know how to use various resources
to achieve learning outcomes. Innovative Learning Solutions we do... from learning management systems,
to blended learning, mobile learning,
virtual worlds and collaboration solutions. I'd be happy to do a more comprehensive presentation at your venue. It's a piece of cake! Willie Maritz
Managing Director Context of Trends The New HRD Practitioner What drives the trends? TECHNOLOGY? BUSINESS TRENDS More for Less Informal Learning Just-in-time AND Just-enough Blended Learning: a blending of different learning methods, techniques and resources and applying them in an interactively meaningful learning environment. LEARNERS ARE NOW: Consumers Producers Moderators What is Mobile Learning? learning that happens when the learner takes advantage of the learning opportunities offered by
mobile technologies. Some High Value Uses and Samples: Consumer Education Just-in-time Learning Knowledge Catalogues Knowledge Assessments Culture Interventions Learning Admin
& Logistics Sales Force Education Mobile Collaboration Push AND Pull Synchronous AND Asynchronous Smart Phones AND Basic WAP Phones ...even SMS info to the most basic of phones The GURU's from whom I learn:
Elliot Masie
Dr Tony Karrer
CLO Magazine
Dr Josh Bersin
Dr Judy Brown
The Blogosphere
Various RSS feeds PREZI CAN DO BULLETS TOO... ;-) New Stuff/research SA 10th largest on Twitter in world
55mil visits a month
1.4mil facebook users
Mxit 35000 messages per second
Sysmos: 18/10/2009 Why Mobile Learning? It's a very small screen! Its a personal device! A phone is for calling mates! All phones are not fancy enough! People dont know how to
do these things on a phone! 6 000 000 users in SA access the internet via PC.
14 000 000 users in SA access the internet via Mobile
Phone. (source: Vodacom) In 2000, 2% of African population had access to a mobile phone,
now 53% (Grameen) Handset costs
(with internet access)
1997: R2500
Now: R250 “There is a big shift from holding a phone against your ear to holding it in your hand”

David Edelstein, Grameen Foundation. In the first world, mobile learning is a nice-to-have;

In Africa, it is a lifeline! The most viable and most pervasive medium to get learning and knowledge to the masses. Top countries using mobile data:
1) Russia
2) Indonesia
3) China
4) Ukraine
5) SA
6) USA
7) UK
8) Nigeria MXIT:
16 000 000 users
35 000 messages per second Household spend priorities in Africa:
1) Home
2) Cellphone
3) Food
4) Education
......... "Mobile what?!!!!" "I did my homework
when I was bored" A Case Study:
WCDOE / Maskew Miller / Pearson / Kalleo Learning Gr 9 Maths tutorials and homework revision About 150 learners in 3 schools
Choice of mobile vs. pc access
84% chose mobile
Only 16% experienced connection problems
Only 32% had a problem with using own data/airtime
Only 14% objected to interference into "private space"
95% Liked multiple choice questions
63% Liked doing homework on mobile "95% of all text messages are read within four minutes."
Jared Reitzin, the CEO of Mobile Storm Now over 100 million
Facebook Mobile users
and... ...they are twice as active
as non-mobile users! Mobile
Surveys Pilot 2008
Promising results...
85% indicated they loved having mobile supplements to lectures
10 000 students 2009
4794 active users
(largest active mobile learning base in Africa) What they use it for...

Audience response system
Student surveys
Student knowledge assessments
Lecture supplements www.kalleo.com Riyan Silochan
Business Unit Manager
Kalleo People Technologies
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