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Anadarko Coating Maintenance with FMOG

No description

Michael Yee

on 9 February 2017

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Transcript of Anadarko Coating Maintenance with FMOG

Michael Yee, CEO

Anadarko Coating Maintenance with FMOG
Anadarko managed project planning and scheduling.
Criteria on short/long term specification for area (<10 sq ft).
Leverage additional usage to pricing with manufacturers.
Updated Anadarko Specification
Waterjetting vs Abrasive Blasting
Surface Profile Cleanliness
Longevity- All Testing based off abrasive blasting.
Specification Review
Difference in Profile
Not recommended by
coating manufacturers.
Acid etching surface and passivization/rust inhibitor.
CorrX/Corrline Treatment
Reverse Analytical Chemistry:
1. Program with one specification
2. Use of UHP in FMOG spec. (Ultra-high pressure washing)
3. Prohibited use of CorrX/Rustbond
4. Detailed Work Packs
Addressing Requirements
Anadarko Corrective Coating Maintenance with FMOG
- Review of the FMOG Program
- Lessons Learned
- Surface Preparation
- Resolving Issues
Horn Mountain
Surface Profile
Heavy Corroded Steel Requires a new profile.
Step 1:
Citric Acid
Step 2:
Lab Results
Rustbond without Preparation
Timeline for final review of revisions expected to be 4 weeks into AMS.
Modify process with best practices from both programs.
Incorporate best practices and feedback from facilities group
Our Next MPPT Meeting is scheduled March 2nd at Anadarko Office

Please come and participate!
Lessons Learned
Address on productivity and scheduling
Bring up expectations to acceptable levels
Incorporate best practices
After corrx wash
- It neutralized chlorides on surface
- Left residue/additive on surface:
Black Magnetite
Method along with Corrx by International (Kat Coronado) and PPG (Paul Whitehead).
Improper use of Rustbond without sanding surface when FMOG spec. requires.
Follow Up- Testing

Having Nacher adding garnet to their UHP
Waterjetting vs Abrasive Blasting
Coating Evaluation Phase II with Norsok
Ranking from Coating Evaluation 2016
1. International
2. PPG
3. Jotun
4. Carboline
5. Hempel
Work Pack Introduction
Open up Excel
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