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No description

*nais Goater*

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of NOISE: SCIENCE

Anais Goater NOISE Hearing WHAT IS NOISE Hearing is one of our great senses that connects us with the world. Our ears gather and process sounds our ears determine the effect on our speech and hearing. So NOISE is not good for our hearing because we can loose hearing if we always here noise The 3 Health hazards Noise is something you hear but don't want to
hear, but some peoples noise is other people sound. The 3 health hazards are Physical, Psychological and Intellectual WHHEN DOES NOISE EFFECT US THE MOST? NOISE effects people in different ways mainly depending
on the person.
Examples: 4/6 people dislike the sound of nails on paper.
Example: 0/6 people dislike the sound of traffic in the morning.

So noise to people can be sound to others. (because sound is something you want to here.) Physical Effects: Hearing loss, digestive disorders, headaches,birth defects and cancer.......

Psychological Effects: Depression, Anger, alcohol and drug use and Suicidal thoughts.........

Intellectual: Your brain does not work as well as it should. A number measured in the intensity of sound. A Decibel is....... DO YOU KNOW WHAT A DECIBEL IS LOUD NOISE! loud noise effects people many places such as...
Airports and construction sights maybe even your house. The problem is you can't stop noise your ears are non-stop working but you can reduce the level of loudness around you! Maybe go to another room if its loud in your house or maybe even by some ear plugs to block out the sound. DECIBELS
A decibel is the amount of sound which people hear. the maximum you should hear is 70db but people can hear up to 150db *Now i will show you some sounds but
some of theses sounds may be a noise
to you but might be something you ant to hear.* That was a sound of a HELICOPTER That was a sound of a Car alarm The End and thanks for watching....

xoxo Anais. SO the helicopter sound may
have not been as annoying as the car
alarm but is mainly depending on the
person who hears. Cancer effect

cancer can happen in many reasons but
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