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World of warcraft

No description

Chris Davis

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of World of warcraft

World of Warcraft (commonly abbreviated as WOW) began in 1999 and took 4.5 years to be developed. Its developer and publisher is Blizzard Entertainment. Overall it costs 63 million dollars to make the game.
World of Warcraft can be played on PC and Mac on the following operating systems - Windows Vista, OS X, Macintosh and Microsoft Windows and all modern updates of them also. While it's not the game, there's also an app made by Blizzard Entertainment called 'World of Warcraft Mobile Armory' on both android and the Apple App store.
"A dumbing down of the genre"
"Poor design, poorly planned out, casual-ised skills, bad launch..."
"They don't fix the lagging..."
World of warcraft
World of Warcraft is part of the 'Warcraft' franchise which consisits of various works such as comics, board games, card games, comics, books and, of course, the video games also.
Size of Team
Developers, Community Representatives, Support Representatives, Producer and Developers Blizzard
100s of People
Advertising and Copies Sold
$10+ billion has been made from the World of Warcraft games and 14 million copies have been sold.

Rated by PEGI, PEGI 12= Video games that show violence of a slightly more graphic nature towards fantasy character and/or non graphic violence towards human-looking characters or recognisable animals, as well as video games that show nudity of a slightly more graphic nature would fall in this age category. Any bad language in this category must be mild and fall short of sexual expletives.

Parents have the ability to limit the amount of time their child plays the game,can put limits on yourself.
World of Warcraft won many awards upon release including editors choice awards. In addition it won multiple media awards and was described as the best game in the MMORPG genre. Graphics and audio were praised in the Annual Awards.In 2005 it was named the best PC game, best multiplayer game, best RPG and most addictive game in the Spike TV Video Games awards. In 2009, Game Informer ranked World of Warcraft 11th on their list of "The Top 200 Games of All Time.
Genre Conventions
MMORPG: Complete character customisation,eg- clothes, features, race and attributes.
Fantasy: Has the traditional playable characters, humans, elves,orcs and dwarves . But WOW have also included their own races such as a Worgen or a Draenei.
Adventure: Quests, missions, fighting, swords, missions, weapons.
When starting playing World of Warcraft, you are prompted to create your own character which you can then play from a first or third person perspective. The stages are:
Choose your Realm, Choose your Race, Choose your Class
. Your character leads you through interacting with fellow players, non-play characters and there are missions to complete. There are several servers to select and play within that all have different styles of gameplay:
a Player Versus Environment (PvE) realm where the gameplay is more focused on defeating monsters and completing quests
an environment where, in addition to defeating monsters and completing quests, open player-versus-player combat is the norm
a variant of PvE, where players roleplay in-character.
a variant of PvP, where players are in-character and cross-faction combat is assumed.

Non-Player Character (NPC)'s that you can play with in WOW - Mists of Pandaria
There are multiple things to achieve such as various professions and classes to be a part of. Also, there are various lands to explore, creatures to meet and fight and tools to gain and use.
Alliance Races/ Classes

- Every Man For Himself-Humans can shake off speed altering and trapping effects.
-The straightforward and outspoken humans tend to get along well with other races and gain their trust with relative ease.
The Human Spirit
-Humans are known for their indomitable spirit and receive a slight bonus to their spirit attribute.
Sword and Mace Specialization
-Few things exemplify the humans’ strength and grace quite like their weapons of choice.

-Stoneform- Dwarves can temporarily turn to living stone, neutralizing any poisons, diseases, and bleeding wounds, and adding natural armor.
Frost Resistance
- Ironforge dwarves have a natural resistance to Frost magic.
- Dwarves receive a skill bonus to archaeology and are able to survey faster than other races.
Gun and Mace Specialization
-Dwarven riflemen are famed for their skill, and their affinity for hammers makes dwarves deadly with maces


- Escape Artist- Gnomes are small and nimble, which allows them to extricate themselves from even the most cunning traps.

Arcane Resistance
- Gnomes have a natural resistance to Arcane magic.

Expansive Mind
- Curious, creative, and brilliant, gnomes receive a small bonus to their mana pool.

Engineering Specialization
- Their expertise with gizmos, gadgets, and gimmicks provides gnomes with a skill bonus to engineering.

Blizzard's target audience for World of Warcraft (WoW) is mainly adults between the ages of 18 and 30 with the average player having stated to be 25. This can be a attributed a lot to the fact that the game can be quite costly to play beyond the free trial and players must have some kind of income to keep playing the game and paying the subscription fees. This being said however, many players are between 13-20 and rely on their parents being able to pay for their subscription to the game.

It's been said however that many players don't play past the first thirty minutes of gameplay as they don't understand the controls of the character and camera in a 3D world and that they have to master the art of fighting, getting quests and survival.

- Gift of the Naar- The draenei are blessed with a healing ability that can restore their health and that of their allies.

Shadow Resistance
Draenei have a natural resistance to Shadow magic.

Heroic Presence
- Confident and strong, draenei receive a slight bonus to hit with all spells and attacks.

- The talented draenei receive a bonus to their jewel crafting skill.

Night Elf
- Shadowmeld- Slipping into the shadows and waiting for the right moment to strike is second nature to the elusive night elves.

Wisp Spiril
- Fallen night elves assume the form of wisp spirits, which navigate the spirit world much faster than normal spirits.

Nature Resistance
- Night elves have a natural resistance to Nature magic.

- The nimble night elves have a slight chance to completely avoid being hit by melee and ranged attacks.

-Running Wild-Drop to all fours to run as fast as a wild animal. Who needs a mount when you can run?

- The duration of all curses and diseases used against worgen is slightly reduced.

- Worgen can shift from human to their true form, drastically increasing movement speed for a short time.

Two Forms
- Worgen can switch between human and worgen form at will.

Horde Races/
Blood Elf

Arcane Torrent-
Blood elves can disrupt magic, briefly silencing all enemy casters around them and restoring some of their own resources.

Arcane Affinity-
Blood elves are skilled in the mystical arts and receive a skill bonus to enchanting.

Magic Resistance-
Blood elves have a natural resistance to magic spells.


Rocket Jump-
can use their trusty (well, relatively speaking) rocket belts to launch themselves over short distances.

Rocket Barrage-
The rocket belt can also launch rockets at an enemy, causing fire damage to the target.

Pack Hobgoblin-
Goblins can access their bank vault from anywhere with the help of a trusted friend.

Best Deals Anywhere-
Wheeling and dealing is second nature to goblins, and they always receive a discount from vendors.


Blood Fury-

Orcs can fly into a rage that increases their attack power for a short time.

- Rugged by nature, orcs recover from stun effects more quickly than other races.

Orcs work well with combat pets, which receive a bonus to damage output under their care.

Axe Specialization-
The axe is the traditional orcish weapon of choice, and orcs receive a bonus when using one- or two-handed axes.


War Stomp-
Shaking the ground with a mighty stomp of their hooves, tauren can briefly stun small groups of enemies.

Nature Resistance-
Tauren have a natural resistance to Nature magic.

Their exceptional constitution grants the tauren a bonus to their base health.

Tauren receive a skill bonus to herbalism, and they gather herbs at a much faster rate than herbalists of other races.


Trolls can launch themselves into a frenzy, increasing their attack and casting speed for a short time.

Da Voodoo Shuffle-
Thanks to their impressive legerity, trolls are less affected by movement impairing effects than other races.

Trolls have a natural healing factor that constantly replenishes their health, even when they are engaged in combat.

Many celebrities have been used to advertise World of Warcraft such as Mr T, Ozzy Osobourne etc.
A guild is typically an in-game association of player characters. Guilds are formed to make grouping and raiding easier and more rewarding, as well as to form a social atmosphere in which to enjoy the game. Banking guilds are also used by many individual players as a way to increase the rather limited bank storage space available in the game. Guilds offer many benefits including free items, opportunities for groups, access to trade skill masters, quest items, and readily available trade skill ingredients through gathering guild members.
BlizzCon is a convention held by Blizzard Entertainment to celebrate and promote their major franchises: Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo.The convention features game-related announcements, previews of upcoming games and content, Q&A sessions and panels, costume and other contests, and playable versions of various Blizzard games.The closing night has featured concerts by The Offspring, Tenacious D, Foo Fighters, Ozzy Osbourne, and Blizzard's in-house band, currently known as Level 90 Elite Tauren Chieftain (previously Level 10, 60, 70, 80 and "The Artists Formerly Known as Level 80" Elite Tauren Chieftain).

Attendees are presented with a "swag bag", containing various Blizzard-related items, including redeemable codes for in-game content and collectible figurines. For example, at the 2005 BlizzCon, there was a code that could be exchanged for an in-game pet from World of Warcraft, which was a baby Murloc named 'Murky'. As well, there have been passes to get into the closed beta test of upcoming Blizzard games: - World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade from 2005, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King for 2007, StarCraft II for 2008, and Diablo III for 2010.

Held in Annaheim California.

WoW FanCon is a 2-day event that will bring together WoW enthusiasts from around the world. The unique and great part of Utherverse WoW FanCan is that the Convention will happen entirely in a Virtual World. You don’t need to buy an expensive plane ticket or pay for a room; you will connect with old and new friends in a new Virtual environment. The convention operates on the Utherverse.com platform, which is a 3D Virtual World that has been in existence since 2006.

Fancon allows 6 Premium Sponsers per event which allows outside companies to advertise their products. Exhibitors get a little less booth space and not as many cool ways to decorate but also get the chance to advertise.

WoW FanCon is FREE to register.

Promo video is here: http://www.wowfancon.com/video.html
Is a performance art in which participants wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. Cosplayers often interact to create a subculture centered on role play. A broader use of the term cosplay applies to any costumed role play in venues apart from the stage, regardless of the cultural context.
In Popular Culture
A 60 day prepaid card costs £18.00
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