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English 9 Honors Day 20: The Odyssey Books 9-12 review. Motifs Review.

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samuel cook

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of English 9 Honors Day 20: The Odyssey Books 9-12 review. Motifs Review.

Do Now:
Identify at least 3 motifs that exist in this spoken word poem. Then, choose one and explain what point is the poet trying to make by using it.
Sarah Kay
"If I should have a daughter"
"Top of the World"
Greek Fire
Do Now Tune
Review: Argumentative Writing Assignments
Evidence-Based Writing
Writing using evidence from the text to prove your point. Evidence-based writing involves doing all of the following:
1) Forming your own argument or position.
2) Finding an example to support your argument or position (quote).
3) Explaining why your example is correct or proves your point.
What is your point/opinion/claim?
How can you prove it from the text?
What can you say about your example that will explain why it proves your point?
Developing Your Writing
Short written responses should have three specific elements to them:
Your opinion statement on the topic that you've been given, typically written using only one sentence.
Calypso is evil for kidnapping Odysseus because she knew that he had a wife and child at home.
Examples that support your claim. Should always come in the form of a quote, including line or page numbers.
In Book 1, Calypso shows that she knows Odysseus is married, and that she doesn't care. She tries to persuade him when she says " Can I be less desirable than she is / Less interesting? Less beautiful? Can mortals / compare with goddesses in grace and form?" (lines 109-111).
Your explanation for how your example proves that your claim (opinion) is correct.
Here we can clearly see that Calypso knows that Odysseus is married. She is attempting to compare herself to Odysseus' wife Penelope, with the overall goal of getting Odysseus to forget his wife and stay with her instead. This is evil because she is knowingly attempting to destroy a marriage.
Group Assignment
Group 1: Hospitality
Group 2: Sacrifices
Group 3: Death
Group 4: Grief
Group 5: Food
Group 6: Temptation
Make sure that your presentation avoids having too much text on each slide. Also, be sure to include visuals which enhance the understanding of the motif and the meaning behind it.
Create a presentation that teaches the rest of the class how motifs work. Use your group's motif as the example for how they work in The Odyssey.
Reminder: Quiz Next Class!
Quiz covering WP Session 4, Odyssey Books 9-12, Characterization, Allusions and Motifs.
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