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My Fave Stite: IMVU.com

This is a cool prezi about ym fave chat syte IMVU.com

Diane Bolt

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of My Fave Stite: IMVU.com

On IMVU, you can use your
imagination and make an animal
Avatar! Just like this furry here! The best chatting site EVER!:) IMVU was created by Will Harvey and some others!!! They even get with the latest movie trends! Such as Avatar here! although You must gaurd your avatar once it starts looking pretty for there are hackers on the prowl for innocent people to steal avatars from. When you switch from noob to glammor they swarm like flies. You can model with IMVU which if you do it for the right person, you can make some easy credits to buy CLOTHES! O.O And it's usually hassle free. You can even celebrate your birthday! Or anything else special to you! You even get free gifts from the creator(s) of IMVU inc. You can even have your own little version of a "Romance" You can even make your avatar pregnant...if you want a fake family that is! O.O And this is an example of a baby you can buy. No return! :) tHIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF SHOPPING THROUGH THE CATALOG. This is an example of an inventory!
of at least the hairs. here's one of the avatars I own. you can earn badges depending on how many people like you and your avatar! an example of a public chat room. This is also my avatar with a different style. Of hair clothing and skin. An example of a type of a homepage somebody on IMVU made. I Think IMVU is..... Cool and entertaining! I think that... IMVU is... Really cool and entertaining!
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