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Berlin Airlift

No description

Andrew Stewart

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Berlin Airlift

Why did they drop the supplies? Because East Germany was under communist control and right after world war 2 there were very few farms
and many couldn't supply themselves. What supplies did they drop? For each drop they dropped 36 days worth of food and 45 days worth of coal for the average person. Planes used during the Berlin Airlift Planes used where the Douglas C-54, Douglas C-47, Boeing C-97, Fairchild C-87, Douglas C-74 Mostly in Eastern Gremany where it was needed the most. Where did they drop supplies at? THE BERLIN AIRLIFT who helped drop the supplies? Some of those who helped
are Brigadier gen. Soneph Smit and Sir Brain Roberton. Gluicus Clau and curt Melay. \
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