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Drains - Market Research

No description

Liza Bowles

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Drains - Market Research

Viega Drainage
Market Research Plan

What is future?
Are the markets growing? Changing?
Material changes? Linear Floor Drains?
Pavement Drain
Sanitary Drain
Rooftop Drain
Drains - Market Research
What are the market segments?
Linear shower drains have become a hot trend in bathroom design
Webinar with Viega to discuss results
Outline findings from Phase 1

What product lines is Viega interested in? (linear shower drains, digital temperature controls, etc.)
How big is the market and what are the opportunities for Viega?
What are the major trends and future outlook for this market?
Who are the major players in this market?
Discuss and implement plan for Phase 2
How big are the markets?
Is the Data available?
Focus on Market of Interest
Collect existing market information, data sources, competitive analysis
Bath and Shower
Small, boutique hotels
According to the US Census Bureau, the NAICS code 332913 encompasses establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing metal and plastic plumbing fixture fittings and trim and drains. From the 2007 Economic Census there were 122 companies in the industry with 138 establishments. Total value of all shipments for the industry was $4.4 billion.
A narrowed focus on bath and shower drains and technology will help in accumulating relevant data and information and identifying major competitors in the US market.
US demand for plumbing products will rise 7.1 percent annually through 2015, driven by a recovery in building construction and a rebound in the size and number of bathrooms per new housing unit. Fixtures will outpace fittings, spurred by rising unit demand for such higher-priced products as hot tubs and spas, whirlpool bathtubs and cast polymer lavatories.
Brass and PVC are the most commonly used materials for drain systems, particularly bath and sink drains.

Linear shower drains have become a hot trend in the drain industry, specifically in residential and small boutique hotels.

Roof, Floor, and Sanitary Drains...Is Viega interested in these markets??
Industrial Drains
Background research on market share in high-end bathrooms in both new and existing and future industry trends

Interviews with Kitchen and Bath experts and manufacturers at IBS to identify competitors, new products, and trends

Interviews and research with major competitors on products, design, and future trends
From Homes.com
"Walk-in showers and in-bathroom steam rooms will be huge in 2014. And the best part is you can get both in one remodel. Rather than traditional shower stalls that have a shower pan – a wide-edged basin with a drain in the center – walk-in showers use linear drains to keep the entire bathroom floor flush and level. That means no lip or edge separating the shower from the bathroom floor and nothing to step over to get into the shower. For a spa-like feel, you can leave the stall area open to create an open shower, and the linear drain will keep the water from spilling into the rest of the restroom. Or you can install a sleek, floor-to-ceiling glass shower door that will let your shower function as a steam room. Heck, you can (and should) even build in a bench to sit on and soak up the steam. The great thing about linear drains is that they let you do pretty much anything you want to with the design of your bathroom’s shower."
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