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SAT Vocabulary

No description

Vanessa :)

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of SAT Vocabulary

By: Vanessa Tucker :) SAT Vocabulary Anterior (an-TEER-ee-ur) Ambiance (AM-bee-uns) Definition: mood, feeling; general atmosphere Link: Ambulance Sentence: Part of Speech: noun Citadel Capacious Part of Speech: Artisan (AHR-tih-sun) Definition: a skilled worker in a craft Link: Art in Sand Assuage Definition: situated in front Link: antlers Sentence: I sit in the anterior part of the classroom, so I can see the board better. The room had a quiet, peaceful ambiance. Part of speech: noun Sentence: Part of speech: Definition: When it comes to drawing she is really good; she is an artisan. Atypical Balm Bizarre Bleak Definition: Link: Sentence: Part of Speech: Sentence: Link: The hot water bottle assuaged my sore muscles. Link: Sentence: Definition: Part of speech: bih-ZAR extremely unconventional or far-fetched Some pretty bizarre things have happened in that old, abandoned house. bazaar Part of Speech: Definition: Link: Sentence: Definition: Link: Part of Speech: Definition: Part of speech: Sentence: Link: Massage typical palm I used lip balm to soothe my chapped lips. Definition: Link: Part of speech: Sentence: cap spacious The citadel stood strong and tall on the hill. The stormy weather outside looked bleak. Leak Aspire Link: Definition: Sentence: Part of Speech: retire Our class is sometimes considered atypical. something that heals or comforts; soothing; an oil or ointment depressing; discouraging;harsh; cold; barren; raw roomy; able to hold much The woman's purse was very big and capacious. sit well a fortress overlooking a city; a stronghold not typical; abnormal to soothe; to make less severe; to satisfy; ease; lessen to seek, attain or achieve a goal Sentence: I aspire to be very successful in life. Affidavit Definition: Sentence: Link: Part of Speech: Noun He carefully signed the affidavit. a sworn, written statement after david Welcome to QUEST, where the ambiance is never bleak or boring. Where we learn to stretch our minds to the limits and still have fun at the same time. To most people we simply seem like a very atypical class, but we're more than that. We're a family. And at the center of it all is a slightly bizarre mother, teacher and friend with a capacious heart and amazing ability to assuage our fears and sorrows. She is an artisan of teaching who has built a citadel of knowledge around our minds. We've learned from her to reach for our highest aspirations and that other peoples' criticizing shouldn't linger in the anterior part of our minds. QUEST makes me feel a little better every time I step into the room. Abhor Definition: Link: Part of Speech: Sentence: to hate very much chore (ab- HOR) I abhor bugs, especially spiders.
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