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Pakistan - kevin

No description

abcde fghi

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Pakistan - kevin

Pakistan Male dominated society. Holidays: summer, winter. Final mark= mark on the final exam. Lots of memorization and homework. Corporal punishment is allowed. Students wear school uniforms. More than 50% of women are not allowed to work. They stay home and take care of kids. Elders are greatly respected;
They are very powerful in terms of making family decisions Monday- Friday. Higher grades
7am-2:30pm. 32 students in each class. Students stay in the same room during the school day. Boys and girls are placed in different classes.
programs are designed for each grade by the school authorities. Islamic religious holidays are celebrated in schools. There are no semesters, no course selection; Culture School Day Teaching style Learning style Teacher is an expert. Lectures, no group work, no projects. Lots of homework. Term exam’s marks are needed in order to be able to write the final exam. Passing mark: 30%. Limited access to computers. Teachers don’t ask students if they need help. Very formal relationships between teachers and students. When students talk to the teacher they need to keep hands behind. Students are allowed to ask questions but there is no additional help from teachers outside the classroom. Parents don’t need an appointment to see the teacher. Hugging (boys)and holding hands (girls) is acceptable. Raising voice at each other is acceptable and popular. Islamic religious holidays are celebrated in schools. Teacher-Student Relationship Behaviours Other Lower grades EAL students’ profile Flaitz, Jeffra. Understanding Your Refugee and Immigrant Students. The University of Michigan, 2006.
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