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What is biology?

A description of biology, branches of biology and types of data.

Luke strohmeyer

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of What is biology?

1. Be able to define what science is.
2. Describe Biology as a Science.
3. Describe data as it relates to Biology.

Learning outcomes
Bio= Life
ology= Study of
What Is Biology?
So literally,
Biology is the study of Life.
Essential Question:
What are the branches of biology?
Essential Question:
3 main Branches
2 types
- Qualatative
- Quantatavive
Types of Data

Observe the world and take notes to answer a specific question.

Example- What % of people will pick up a quarter if they walk within 5 feet of it?
Quantitative- Empirical (measurement)

Make direct measurements of answer a specific question.

Example- What is the average length of a fishing worm at maturity?
Biology is the study of life.
In Conclusion:
There are 3 branches of Biology
Biologist take different types of data.
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