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Go Green

go green

mitchell rains

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Go Green

Go Green Way number 1. flourisent light bulbs The reason why the this light bulb
is a go green way is because it is more
energy effecint then most lightbulbs. Way number 2 Way number two is
to reduce. To reduce
is to use less of. By
reducing we make
less waste that would
go to land fills. Way number 3 Way number 3 is to
recycle. To recycle
is to take somthing
old and make
somthing new. By
recycling we can reduce
the amount of waste that
is placed every where. Way number 4 Way number number
4 is to reuse. To reuse
is to use things again.
Reusing can help by
lowiring the amount
of reusibled items that
are disgarded. By reuseing, recycling
, and Reduse. We
can lower the amount
of emitions used
by us. the results are impressive.
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