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CRM Client Presentation

No description

Yenping Tan

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of CRM Client Presentation

Presented by:
Jason Sim
Silvia Goh
Giggson Tan

Reaches target market effectively
Top earners has high affordability
If Lab Series can appeal to this group, Lab Series would then have won over a beneficial audience.
Customer Relationship Management -
Lab Series

Join Camp Hercules today!
What is Camp Hercules?

Pre-graduation camp

Portray a masculine image
2 Days & 1 Night Camp

Size of Camp: 150

Cost: Trial Products & Logistics

Buddy set!
100 ml ($41)
2 50ml ($23 each)
Cost of Labeling and Packaging

Encourage to purchase 100ml bottle

Encourage to shop at Lab Series' stores
Past Similar Events
Men's Health URBANATHLON 2014 REAL RUN 2013
Skincare Workshop
. Increase their Skincare and Grooming knowledge

. Introduce and use Lab Series' product

. Free Samples

. Bring the Workshop closer to them

Important for applying knowledge

Increase trial

Cost of Sampling will be covered

More Details about the Workshop
Participant Fee: $30

Size: 30 people

Post-graduation period: June
Quarterly Skin Scanning
Improvement to The Insider

Strong need of maintaining
good visual appearance

Low cost incurred
No problem
Took part in many
Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR)
Contribute to (one organisation)
. Lab Series will donate a dollar for every used skincare product
. How does the event work?
Outside LS
Drop used bottles
5% Discount (Maximum 50%)
. Promote through #LSWECAN

. Increase Earned Media

. Stronger Credibility
Television Commercial
Wife and Children
Insert video

Past Similar Events
Online store to increase convenience
. Provide Scheduling of Delivery

. Audio lessons to help
Sporty and outdoorsy
Contact with dirt
Camp Hercules
Buddy Set
Trust Third Party
Loyal To Skincare Brand
Quarterly Scanning
Lazy and Nonchalant
Online Store
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