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Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan is a very good author who is very good at connecting his life and experiences to his books

Alex Litt

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan By Alex Litt Richard Russell Riordan Jr. (Rick Riordan) began his life on June 5th 1964 In San Antonio, Texas.(1) His parents Rick Riordan Sr. and Sandra Oshman were very good parents, and has taught him about how to have a good relationship (been married to Becky Riordan for 24 years, married on May 30th 1988) and influenced one of his future jobs, teaching.(2) . His Parents were both Teachers and Very Artistic. Middle school was when he first got into the world of reading with Tolken's the Fellowship of the ring. He often recognizes his 8th grade teacher as a "great influence". He attended the Alamo Heights high school where he did his first "serious" writing. He wrote the school paper their and one third place in UIL feature writing. He showed of his sense of humor the his readers no so well when he got in trouble for publishing an underground newspaper making fun of the school. He graduated in 198 After Rick Graduated from Alamo Height High School he went to North Texas State, because he thought he wanted to be a guitar player. He then transferred to the university of Texas when he realized that that wasn't his dream. He graduated with double major in English and History. He also was certified to to teach English and History from UT San Antonio. During College he got interested in Mystery. Rick's first job was in College where he worked at a summer camp, Camp Capers(3). His First job was teaching at a middle school in Texas, where he started off. He then moved to San Francisco with his wife and taught at Presidio Hill school for eight years, and then had his two sons Haley and Patrick. Then he moved back to San Antonio, his home. He then taught at Saint Mary's hall (school) grades 6-8, reading and social studies, for 6 years. After 14+ years of working as a teacher he finally became a full time writer. Through all of his years the only unit he consistently taught was mythology.(4) He loved teaching and his students loved learning about it. One night Haley (his son, who has Adhd and Dyslexia)(5) asked him to read him a bed time story. At the time Haley hated school and was so depressed that he would cry during school. He hated it so much that he refused to read, but he loved Greek Myth's. His dad Rick Riordan would read him one every night but eventually there were no more stories to read so Haley asked him why can't you make one up. That's when the legend of Percy Jackson started, and when Rick Riordan went on the map. 1. Rick Riordan was born in Texas. A lot of his books take place in Texas. For example Cold Spring, and the whole Tres Navarre series. I believe that Rick Riordan does this because he can describe this much better. For example in The book Cold Springs he says "The sky scratched with high winter clouds, sunlight gilding the hills and the wings of red tail hawks." The whole book also takes place in Texas.

2. Teaching is involved in so many of his books. He taught for 14+ years and he puts that to use in his books. In the Percy Jackson series the teacher is his first enemy and Chiron's disguise. Also in Cold Springs their is a teacher and a principal. Like Rick The teacher also has a "double life". In the book Chadwick (the teacher) is also loved, and "the school isn't the same without you (Chadwick)", just like Rick. 3. In many of Rick's books he has a camp in it. For example the Percy Jackson series is based off of a camp (Camp- Half Blood), and there is a lot of counselors at the camp. This connects to Rick's life because he was a counselor. In his books Rick Often is able to describe a camp, like the Roman one. "A small river snaked along one side and curled toward the center", "nestled at the edge of the lake the city of New Rome gleamed in Sunlight." Rick Is clearly able to get in depth with the descriptions of the camp, due to the fact that he worked at one for so long. And at Camp half blood he is very easily able to describe the great feeling that Percy has at the table when he finally gets friends and talks to them. "He finally felt at home" says Percy. I believe that Rick is so good at describing feelings and descriptions of camps because he loved camp and was a counselor at a camp for so long. 4. The fact that the only Subject he consistently taught was mythology clearly connects to his books. Almost 2/3 of his books involve mythology. For example the Percy Jackson series involves, titans, faries, demigods, gods, nymphs, etc. Also the Kane Chronicles involves the Egyptian Gods, Monsters, Ghosts, and Magicians. And finally the Heroes of Olympus which involves a lot of the same things as the Percy Jackson Series but alslo has Roman Gods and Demigods. Rick Riordan still has to research these topics before writing about them, but he loves the topic and knows so much about it already, which helps him write about it. 5. 5. The whole story of Percy Jackson is started with his son Haley and the beginning of the book connect very heavily to Haley. When Rick Told this story to Haley, Haley HATED school and was bullied. If you've ever read the Percy Jackson series before that probably sounded very familiar because Percy Hated School and was bullied a lot at it. For example at the beginning of the second book (The Sea of Monsters) Matt (a bully) says "
you're such a loser Jackson" (Percy). Percy Also mentions many times that he wishes that school was over. The thing that officially connects Haley's life to the series is that Just like Haley, Percy has Adhd and Dyslexia, and mentions that having adhd and dyslexia makes you a demigod and special, and Rick often says through his characters that It's not a disability (to have adhd and dyslexia) "you're just hardwired differently." Haley's life has been changed dramatically due to his books, and I think that's what Rick wanted. Rick with his son Haley (Haley influenced the Percy Jackson series). Authors Craft #1 Rick Riordan has a very strong opinion on divorce. I've noticed this in many of his books and due to the audience his approach is different. For example in his more childish books (Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, Heroes of Olympus, Demigod Diaries etc.). In The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, it always mentions about how the gods always left the mortals (a divorce) and every character's parents leave. Also these books teach kids how to deal with divorce. All of these kids end up very happy with divorced parents, so through these books he's able to teach kids with divorced parents that they still can have regular lives. " Eventually Zeus dumped her as gods always do." These same kids that say this end up living great lives and dealing with the divorce of their parents just fine. Many other lines in the Demigod Diaries also involve divorce, like "I've never met my dad and don't really want to."Our parents have failed us", I believe that this line sends a message to the parents reading this book that getting a divorce, is in sense failing your kids. But, it's also saying that even though their parents failed them they still are very happy and jubilant. I believe that their is two different sides to the divorce lesson that Rick Illustrates throughout ALL of his books. The second type is in his adult books. In his adult books he teaches the parents about the consequences placed upon your kid because you got divorced. He scolds the parents that got divorced and tells the other types of parents never to get divorced. He does this in a very subtle so that the reader can interpret it either way. For example in Cold Springs, the main character Chadwick and his wife Norma get divorced their kid gets in to trouble with drugs and ends up dying because of that. The kid of the other couple that got divorced also gets in trouble with drugs, assaults, her parents and runs away with a criminal. In fact, out of the three couples all of them are divorced and all of them are divorced. The other family that's divorced all of the 4 kids are bad kids and get into trouble with the law. Originally I thought that this was because of something that happened in his life, but it turns out he just has very strong opinions about it. "How he would break the news that would end their marriage". Lines about divorce like this are very common in Rick's stories, showing that he is strongly against divorce. Also in his stories the kid always takes the fall for the divorce not the parents, so if some parents believe that their only affecting their lives with divorce there affecting many others. No! Says Rick, No Divorce! Author's craft #2 Rick goes against stereotypes, and doesn't believe in them. He often illustrates this in his books by showing things that directly go against a stereotype. The main stereotypes he goes against are that kids are weaker than adults, Women are weaker than men. The first one is that Kids are weaker than adults, and by weaker I mean, less smart, less strong, less wise, less knowledgeable, less responsible, and less capable overall. The readers get an example of this in both this in both the demigod diaries and the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. This happens when the gods (the adults and the more powerful being) are assumed to be so much more powerful than the weak kid demigods. But in fact it's the weak kid demigod's that end up saving the all powerful adult gods. At that point I was thinking that it probably was just a one time occurrence and dismissed it their. But then this same topic comes up again in the Demigod Diaries. In the story about Hermes missing staff he has to ask a kid to solve his problem because he can't. "Why you, a super powerful god, can't just go get your staff back for yourself, and why you need me, a sixteen-year-old kid, to do it for you." This goes against all stereotypes about kids being weaker than adults. Another Stereotype that Rick Clearly goes against is that Women are weaker than men. He goes against this many times, but two different times stick out to me. One of them is in Percy Jackson and the Olympians where his mom single handidely keeps their family running. At one point she is married to this rude, greasy and awful man named Gabe. Originally it looks like Gabe is controlling but all along, the mom is using him to protect Percy. "She married him to protect me" says Percy when he finds out that the only reason he's not dead is because Gabe's sent protected him from monsters, that sequence goes against the stereotype that men are stronger than women. Another time this is the case is in the book cold springs, where Norma is stronger mentally, and overall than Chadwick (who she's briefly married to). She's described as a Cuban Missile Crisis (that's not something that's weak). And when she get's divorced from Chadwick, ans has to fend for herself she becomes a multi millionaire. I believe that Rick doesn't like that stereotypes exist and tries to abolish them by going against them. Author's Craft #3 Rick is a writer that uses a lot of his own experiences in His writing. I know that I talked about a lot of the connections from his life to his story in his biography, but I felt that it was so important and completely changes how he writes. For one, he wouldn't be nearly as successful right now if it weren't for his son Haley. He wouldn't of even came up with Percy Jackson if it weren't Haley. Also a lot of his audience is kids with disabilities and if Haley wasn't born with a disability than he might not have that audience as much. Also a lot of his style is based upon that no one is perfect and that a disability isn't a disability at all it's just a different way at looking at things. This theme is used a lot in the first percy Jackson book when the demigod's tell Percy "He's hardwired differently". This is a major idea in Rick's writing and without Haley it might not have been a theme. Another thing that Rick uses in his books that is greatly influenced by his life is the minor details about the settings that he always uses. He's good at getting the details right in describing the camp, because he was a counselor for 3 years
"A small river snaked along one side and curled toward the center", "nestled at the edge of the lake the city of New Rome gleamed in Sunlight." Other Minor details like this are perfected due to his life, which helps the reader get a better image. The other two details he's good at due to his life is the school atmosphere, as illustrated in Cold Spring at the Principals meeting (he was a teacher for 14 years). And the camp at Texas (Lived there). "The sky scratched with high winter clouds, sunlight gilding the hills and the wings of red tail hawks." He's able to do this due to his life experiences. Without these life experiences he's be a completely different author. Authors craft #4 One thing that I have noticed while reading Rick Riordans' books is that he always starts off with confusion and resolves it throughout the story. "You shall go west, and face the god who has turned, You shall find what was stolen, and see it safely returned, You shall be betrayed by one who calls you a friend, and you shall fail to save what matters most, in the end. This is the prophecy in the beginning of the first book, which no reader understands but slowly unravels itself throughout the book. The god that has turned is Hades, and the thing that is stolen is Zeus's master bolt. Percy is betrayed by Luke, who they think is a friend, and he fails to save his mom in the end, (or so we thought) until the end of the book when Percy changes fate and his mom is saved. Some prophecies take not a whole book but a whole series to understand like the prophecy of seven. "Seven half-bloods shall answer the call, to storm or fire the world must fall. An oath to keep with a final breath, and foes bear arms to the Doors of Death." The series is not over yet but so far we know that, Storm is Percy and Jason and Fire is Leo. And the doors of death have to be closed to win the battle against Gaea. This same type of thing also happens in Cold Springs. The reader starts off very confused, you have random characters with no background information, like you're starting in the middle. But throughout the book you start to find out what was happening, who the characters were and why things were happening. you're randomly introduced to two families one that's about to be divorced with a screwed up daughter and the other with a sweet 4 year old daughter. When the book skips to 9 years later you start to understand what was happening in the beginning and re-reading it helped, just like in the Percy Jackson series, so I believe that Rick wants the suspense to build for the readers. Authors Craft #5 Rick Riordan loves to change the perspective to different characters in the story. This is the only Craft that I believe he developed over time. In the first series he did, Percy Jackson and the Olympians he rarely changed the perspective from Percy. But in his second series the Kane Chronicles he changes the perspective but only to two different characters (Carter and Sadie). I believe that this was almost like a test run, to test out if he like the idea of changing the perspective or not. The next series that he did (The Heroes of Olympus involved 5 different perspective changes and finally, Cold Springs which involves 8. This Strategy can be very confusing when done wrong, because every other chapter there's a new characters perspective. But when done right this is a very good technique that makes the reader think and they should all eventually come together. In Cold Springs, sometimes you go back in time to see a different characters perspective on an event where you've already seen one characters perspective. This technique is very interesting because unlike in real life you can look at two people's views which is very interesting, can add to a mystery, and teaches people the different ideas that can be thought about the same situation. Therefore, I believe that it was a great idea by Rick to add this strategy to his writing. Mini Book Review:Cold Springs By Rick Riordan

The book Cold Springs is a very intriguing mystery book with many twists and turns that no one thinks will happen.

The Book starts off in the year in 1993, where you're immediately introduced to the characters in the book. It seems almost like you're starting off in the middle of the story, which is meant to confuse the reader, but this is slowly unraveled. "Chadwick struggled with his bow tie." He was thinking about what he would say, how he would break the news that would end their marriage." That's is the first line in the story" Confusing right? As the next sequence of events unravel you start to get to know the family. The Father is a teacher and he's not happily married to the mother. And their 16 year old daughter (Katherine) is screwed up and getting into "The wrong crowd" Then you're introduced to another family they have a sweet 4 year old daughter (Mallory) and are family friend of the first family. That night the two couples are set to go to a parent conference at the school, while Katherine baby sits for Mallory. While babysitting Mallory Katherine takes too much Heroin and went "cold". The four year old daughter is now at the house by herself and scared so she calls her parents. 9 years later in 2002, you're re-introduced to the family, you find out that Katherine died due to drug overdose, Mallory turned bad after witnessing a traumatic event, and both couples were divorced, so basically everything went wrong). Mallory ended up attacking her mom and running of with race (a bad kid, possibly drug dealer, and the brother of the person that sold Katherine the drugs that killed. With no other option the mother of Mallory (Ann) calls the father of Katherine (Chadwick to) "abduct her". Chadwick's new job, was with the request of parents picking up kid's gone rogue and training them in boot camp. Chadwick Jumps as the opportunity because he wanted to be able to save Mallory, like he couldn't do with Katherine, but When Mallory gets to the Camp everything goes wrong. Mallory is the lead suspect for the murder of Race's mother, which she didn't commit. Mallories Mom (Ann is being investigated and guilty for a 27 million dollar embezzlement crime. And Mallories dad (John) is being blackmailed, but stops paying, which puts him in danger. The only way for Chadwick To save Mallory is to find out who the real murderer is and convict him. But in his quest to save Mallory his own life is put in danger

Cold Springs By Rick Riordan.
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