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Linguistic Team International

A brief overview of the team, how we work and the tools we use.

Vixi Sue

on 23 November 2014

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Transcript of Linguistic Team International

This is a brief overview to help you understand how we work and the tools we use.
Our Method.
1: Transcription into the original language.
2: Proofreading of the initial transcription.
3: Timeshifting (synchronization subs+voice).
4: Final proofreading of transcription.
5: Translation into all languages.
6: Proofreading of completed translations.

Transcription means:
Creating an original text version
from audiofiles or videos.
It's usually in English for us
and is done by a specific team.

Now, you are probably thinking...

Proofreading means:
Checking the text for grammar
or spellink mistikes.
There is also a specific team for this task.
Once a translation has been finished to the highest possible standard we can achieve,
it's then transfered to:
Translations means:
The part when
the translators have fun
converting the original transcription
into their own languages.
What tools do we use?
All our tools are collaborative. They are to assist us,
not to do the work for us.
This is the tool we use for putting the subtitles under the videos.
You will need to create a free account to
be able to work in dotSUB.
There are some very simple
tutorials to watch
on how to transcribe
or translate using this tool.
Our in-house translating assist tool for texts and web sites.
You will also need
to create
a free acount
to work in pootle.
Pootle also has a tutorial
where you can practice...
Our Resources

In the wiki you will find all the information on the linguistic team
in one centralised area.
We hold regular audioconferences here
to keep up to date with
the latest news about the team.

Each language team
has its own coordinator.
You can find out
who to contact here:
Translating to change the World!
Welcome to the Linguistic Team International
Proofreading the translations
is a very important task.
Timeshifting means:
Perfecting the synchronization of
the voice with the subtitles.
Not only must the proofreader
look out for grammar
or spelling mistakes...
...but also make sure the context of the
original has been conveyed perfectly.
One word wrongly translated
can change
the whole meaning
of the message!
Text documents
& books >>
Linguistic Team
...without breaking anything!
Linguistic Team Forum
Here you can follow;
All the latest uploads and their progress,
Tips of the trade,
Communicate with all the other
language teams,
Ask for help,
You can become
a part of the process
of all the projects
you decide to work on.
Click on the link below.
watch in full screen mode! : )
Click "play" to watch video here.
(click here!)
(click here!)
(click here!)
(click here!)
Please note that the address to
TeamSpeak has been changed.
This is what you must introduce now:
Address ts.zmdev.net
Password tzm
Port 9987
TeamSpeak allows us to communicate
on a truly global level.
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