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Golden Lion Tamarin

No description

madeline moore

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Golden Lion Tamarin

Golden Lion Tamarin
Golden lion tamarins live in the Atlantic coastal forests of southern Brazil.
Golden Lion Tamarins by Madeline Moore and Krystian Garcia
They weigh about 14 to 19oz.
Hawks and other raptors, cats, large snakes, roaches, bamboo rats, wild dogs and owls are most of the Golden Lion Tamarin's predators. When they feel threatened, they climb a trees to get away.
They are omnivores. Insects, like crickets, make up 30% of their diet, 55% is fruit, like bananas, and the rest is small animal prey such as frogs and small lizards. They also eat flowers, nectar, meal worms, mice, cockroaches, snails, spiders, adult and baby birds, and bird eggs.
GLT are extremely endangered!!
There are about 1,500 GLT left in the wild.
There are about 500 GLT in zoos.
Sometimes they find food in vines. They also search for food in clumps of dead leaves, in fresh leaves, and in holes and crevices in branches and tree trunks. Their long slender fingers help them get things so they don't get stuck.
Their group name is a troop.
They are mammals just like humans.
They usually live up to 15 years.
Females usually give birth to twins. The members of the group help take care of the babies with her, but the dad helps the most.

Silky golden-red fur, punctuated by small tufted ears and large brown eyes. the tamarin's golden coat serves as camouflage in the forest. Their body length is 13.3"- 15.6."
Yes I know it's crazy but people do eat snakes.
Thanks for watching!! Hope we taught you at least one thing!!
Thanks for watching!! hope we taught you at least something!!
Food chain:
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