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Common Core State Standards: Information for Parents

Common Core information for discussion with parents.

Melissa Bufkin

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Common Core State Standards: Information for Parents

What is the Common Core State
Standards Initiative? -significant, historic opportunity for states to collectively adopt a core set of academic standards in Mathematics and English Language Arts. Common Core State Standards Information for Jones County School District Families each state will have same set of academic standards
allows for equal access for excellent education
prepares students to compete with peers across states and globally
allows for development of common assessment
allows for more focused professional development Why is this initiative important? fewer, clearer, and higher
aligned with college and work expectations
rigorous content requiring higher-order thinking and application of knowledge
internationally benchmarked
evidence and/or research-based What are the common core state standards? To succeed in 21st century college and careers, students need to be able to: How is this good
for students ? solve problems
manage themselves
adapt to change
reflect on/improve performance
work in teams
engage in learning throughout life How is this good for parents? helps parents understand exactly what students need to know and be able to do
helps parents support their children with clear goals and expectations
provides opportunities for parents to engage with teachers K-12 English/Language Arts K-5 Standards
Reading for Literature
Reading for Informational Text
Reading Foundations
Speaking & Listening 6-12 Standards
Speaking & Listening
**Using these standards in Science, History/S.S., and Technical Subjects K-12 Mathematics K-8
Counting & Cardinality (K only)
Operations and Algebraic Thinking
Number and Operations in Base Ten
Measurement & Data
High School
Number & Quantity
Statistics & Probability
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